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Too old to watch the Asian races live.
I am really looking forward to LeMans this year. Audi and Peugeot are both running hybrids in LMP1. Audi should have an advantage since their hybrid is diesel-powered versus gas-powered for the Pugs. This should give Audi an advantage in acceleration and mileage, while the Pugs may have a better top end. Should be fascinating. Porsche is rumoured to be returning next year, using the tech Audi is using this year (and which was used in the Porsche 911 GT3 hybrid last year).

Is anyone beside me and the missus going this year?
Is anyone beside me and the missus going this year?

I suspect there will be a few others ;)

Don't forget to take a camera (like one other member here did last year) and make sure you post some pictures and give us a report.

Sorry, I mis-typed. Toyota is returning this year., After so many years of following the Pug-Audi battles and pulling for the underdog (Pug), I suffered brain fade.
I wish I were going, I've only been once but I had an absolute blast. There is a chinese restaurant halfway down the Mulsanne straight that is open 24 hours, have a nice bottle of wine and some tasty kung po at 3am LOL
Have a great time. I fear you might get more of a battle in GTs than prototypes this time around, but regardless it's the best motorsport event around. Head over to Tertre Rouge at sunrise, if you're still going...:D
Actually, the GTs have always been a major draw for us, with great battles among Aston, Corvette, Viper , Porsche and Ferrari. And this year, the Delta cars should be worth attending for by themselves.

We are really doing this trip right. We are attending the DTM race (our first ever) at Brands (which we both love) and the IRC race at Ypres (where we have never been). Has anyone been there? If so, what are the best viewing areas? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
siffert_fan I have a little tip when you go to Brands, cover your seat if you go to get doughnuts. Ifvnot it will suddenly rain and you will have a wet arse for the rest of the race. That said you see the whole indy circuit from Paddock Hill, which is a treat.
I am really looking forward to seeing the Deltawings in action. Their aim is go the 24 hours using about half the number of tyres as everyone else, and much less fuel as well. Thankfully LeMans isn't as hidebound as most forms of auto racing, and they are letting the Deltas run even though they aren't in any class and are not competing for points. They are there just to prove technical theories and try out new technologies.

If only other forms of racing were that open to new ideas.
As at 10:30, the Toyota of Nakajima and Audi of Gené have an identical best lap time of 3:31.039.

That bodes well for the race :D
Incredibly close morning session amongst the front-runners:

1. L Duval (Audi R18 Ultra) 3:27.7
2. T Kristensen (Audi R18 e-tron quattro) 3:28.0
3. S Buemi (Toyota TS030 hybrid) 3:28.2
4. B Treluyer (Audi R18 e-tron quattro) 3:28.3
5. N Lapierre (Toyota TS030 hybrid) 3:28.7
6. M Bonanomi (Audi R18 Ultra) 3:28.7

The DeltaWing finished on a 3:47.9, pretty much an LMP2 car pace. Ferrari were 1-2 in GTE-Pro, with the Aston Martin Vantage in 3rd.
The Toyota looks to be just as fast as the Audi, but can it get the fuel mileage the Audi gets? Also, even if the Delta Wing runs as fast as an LMP2 car it should finish ahead of all of them by making half the pit stops.
The Toyota as a petrol car gets a much bigger fuel tank capacity than the Audis - 73 litres I think, compared to 60 for the Audi ultras and 58 for the e-trons. So unless the consumption is extraordinarily high they should be managing at least 2 more laps in a stint.

Interesting that the Deltas turned a 3:47, as , according to Dan Gurney, whose AAR facility built the car, the ACO targeted a 3:45 lap for them. Pretty good forcasting!
Eight hours on a single set of slicks? That bodes well for them.

I have to say, the DeltaWing as a concept has confounded me.
I never imagined it would be able to corner and grip as well as it obviously does, due to the narrow front track.
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