BTCC BTCC 2011 Season

Indeed. Alex Macdowall was top Chevy in 5th, with Plato 7th.

Incidentally, I hadn't heard that Motorbase were running an extra car (a fourth???) for former champion James Thompson this weekend. Jimmy qualified 15th :disappointed:
You know - it really is worrying how little I care about the BTCC anymore - I used to make a real effort to watch - I even travelled to some of the events - I just can't make myself care anymore - I blame it 100% on the tv deal which has consigned the BTCC to ITV4 - the BBC was a great home for the BTCC - and now it's dying a death....
Bro - whilst I do agree that they've done wonders with coverage, it's just that I've lost track of when the races are on - since ITV4 is hidden away at the garbage end of freeview.... (If you know what I mean).... Certainly, it's much less likely to find yourself channel flicking onto BTCC nowadays than it used to be! disappointing.

It's all over.

Plato has a right front puncture in race 1 so Neal will be the champion barring incidents.'s all set up for quite an interesting conclusion. Shedden won race 2, leading from start to finish, and is only 6pts adrift of Neal with one race left to go.

Add to that the fact that the Hondas are starting together 8th and 9th on the grid, and Jason Plato is 3rd, and there could be tears before bedtime. Just how bad a loser is Jason? We might find out...
If he takes anyone out, hopefully it's Neal :D

Either that or let Shedden through and hold Neal up for payback when Neal did it to him a few seasons ago.
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