BTCC BTCC 2012 Season

This weekend was a bit of a damp squib really (pun intended).

The lack of pace in the MG due to the rain made it much less interesting and exciting than it should have been.
Yeah, shame a pretty good season fizzled out. Nice to see Frank take his first win in BTCC though.

Plato must be pretty pleased with his season though, a car that was a last minute job has turned out to be good.

Just wish for next season they can sort out all the equivilancy nonsense.
I thought Gordon Shedden has been excellent value for his win this season, he has been really good and consistent from day 1, and the Honda has been in a class of its own, despite the best efforts of the organisers!

MG and Jason Plato will be ruing their unreliability, I am sure it would have been a different story without some of the bizarre occurences.

All that aside, hopefully they will sort out the equivalency stuff, and stop the nonsense with the boost etc, as it does not really make for a level playing field, and seemed to penalise those who were doing the best job, and goodness knows there is plenty of that already with the success ballast and reverse grids.

I am really looking forward to next season.
Great to see a British-built car win too! Now for 2013 I have one wish: could the old gits possibly shove off and give us some variety? A non-motorsport fan friend came to see me during a BTCC race this year, and said he thought he wouldn't know any of the drivers these days. It turned out he definitely knew two of them...!
Macau this weekend, the WTCC finale and Rob Huff stands a good chance of becoming a British world champion. Live coverage is on Eurosport at 3am on Sunday with highlights at 9pm on Eurosport 2.

The F3 Masters race also looks set to be a classic with the top international talent gathered. Even if you don't follow either form of racing, Macau always provides great racing and drama.
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