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The World Motorsport Council approved an 11 race calendar for 2015/16's Formula E season.

So far, it looks like a lot of familiar tracks will be making a return, along with some new ones.
117 Oct 2015Beijing, China
27 Nov 2015Putrajaya, Malaysia
319 Dec 2015Punta del Este, Uruguay (tbc)
46 Feb 2016Buenos Aires, Argentina (tbc)
519 Mar 2016tbc
62 Apr 2016Long Beach, US
723 Apr 2016Paris, France
821 May 2016Berlin, Germany
94 Jun 2016Moscow, Russia
10, 11tbcLondon, UK

Will Berlin Tempelhof be rearranged into an all-new circuit for this year, or will it be the same as last year? That remains to be seen. They've got plenty of time to work on it.

The double-header in London is speculated to be in Battersea Park again. Hopefully this time around, they'll be on top of the oddities of turn 1, and will set it up right according to the FIA's revised homologation from the last race.

In other Formula E news, Formula E champs will now be eligible for Super Licenses. This is great news for the young racing series, and shows it really is being taken seriously.
There's always another chance in another season, however I suspect the problem with Imola as a venue is the same as the problem with Donington. Due to the long segments with very little braking, races on traditional circuits will mean extreme energy-saving measures in order to make the race distance. Until the batteries can hold enough charge for longer race distances, it's just not feasible. However, given the development plan for technology in Formula E, I wouldn't be surprised to see them introduce the first traditional circuit race sometime in 2020/21, most likely Donington, as it is the headquarters of Formula E. After that, a couple of other traditional circuits, provided they're not in the middle of nowhere and very accessible, may join the Formula E calendar.
For me there is still far too long between races but I guess a lot of that is doen to local weather conditions. It would be all down south otherwise.
Actually the gaps are pretty consistent with most championships at single seater level other than F1 and due to the way the shipping is done in Formula E they are about the right length. They have got rid of that huge gap at start of the season and in thr middle.

I suspect a couple more of these to become double headers and that TBC to become Rio. They were forced to drop Monaco this year so whether it'll be back for season 3 who knows? We know Montreal will already.
My understanding of the long duration between races is that it's partly a function of logistics. Because Formula E is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly transport, that means they very often ship by sea or freight rail where F1 might, for example, fly or drive.

Given that Montreal will be added to the list, it may also be safe to speculate we may see Toronto and Baltimore at some point in the future. Not this year, but sometime further down the line.

As to Monaco: my understanding is that Monaco was planned to be every other year, rather than every year?
The classic race is held every other year at Monaco and therefore clashes with the Formula E date in 2016.

It had not been confirmed (as far as I know) that it would be back for 2017.

Apparently over 100 cities have shown an interest in holding a Formula E race so lots to chose from. India and South Africa appear top of the list though.
I think I remember Alejandro Agag saying something about Monaco 2017 in one of the post-Monaco Formula E publicity videos?

I must admit, in a fan survey, I did list South Africa as one of the countries I'd most like to see Formula E go to. I think Formula E would be well received there. Plus, racing under the beautiful jacarandas trees in Johannesburg if they head there in November? Absolutely picturesque.
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We are going round the Eiffel Tower in Paris next year but yes I agree the Colosseum wouold be pretty cool.

I don't know what this series thinks its doing. Whats the point of having races in France and Germany? Bernie has continually told us their is no market for motorsport in those countries. ;)
FB Funnily, I thought about that last night. Great minds think alike? Rome might be difficult to pull off due to the enormous congestion problems it suffers from, but it would be extremely cool to see the cars racing around the Colosseum!
Bernie postulated a Rome GP a while ago (presumably to shake some more money out of Monza) but I think it was in the suburbs rather than in the city centre.
There is a rumour the TBC might be in New York which might have a cool background.

Once again the series is ticking off the venues Bernie has been trying to land for years. How are they doing it? Well they are not charging ridiculous amounts of money to the venure for the priviledge of holding the race!
I think they should add a race in Sao Paulo. They'd get huge sponsorship, they're already in South America for other races and they have very popular Brazilian drivers. Maybe something around Ibirapuera Park? Beautiful area and the lakes and fountains would make a great backdrop.
Currently we have Piquet, Di Grassi, Abt, D'ambrosio, Vergne, Bird and Villeneuve confirmed on the grid.

Thats 4 of last years race winners, a multi pole position holder from last year, a former F1 and Indy car champion.......and Daniel Abt.

Senna is set to be confirmed at Mahindra who are a glutton for punishment. They are not resigning Chandhock though. Trulli and Liuzzi will be at Trulli (not officially confirmed) and I'm pretty sure Prost and Buemi will be at EDams. God knows what the Andretti line up will be. It'll probably change for race to race.

Interestingly I read that an 11th team in the form of Jaguar were going to be added to the grid but the other teams vetoed it due to the extra freight cost.
So we can conclude that Vergne wont be driving for Haas F1. Maybe Crashdonado or Button can join up if they loose their seat this year.
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