BTCC 2016 BTCC Season

So I presume the Scoobies have sorted their spontaneous combustion problems?
It would seem so, they're made changes to the engines and also spent two days testing at Pembrey. Which would build character if nothing else.
Dominant victory for Turkington in race one. Plato scrambled third after punting Daniel Lloyd out of the way in a move that might have made Matt Neal blush. Welcome back JP.

Jackson and Morgan couldn't make much progress after dreadful qualifying, so will be desperate to get into the top 10 in race two for some reverse grid salvation, and prevent the weekend becoming a write-off.
Only managed to catch the last race but that was nuts. The battle for 3rd
which then became the battle for 2nd
was just nuts. A real high speed track jam. Put me in mind of some of the crazy NASCAR races on circuits rather then ovals. Narrow track, nutty cars and drivers - great fun.
Great wasn't it? Oulton is one of those circuits where drivers can hug the inside all the way round as a very effective defence, and he did it so well, half the field ended up joining the queue! Terrible luck that puncture, though.
Gordon Shedden on pole for Race 1 at Sunny Snetterton tomorrow. Turkington second for Subaru with team-mate Plato 11th.
btcc they always manage to create fantastic tension that always goes to the wire shedden is a well deserved now triple champ. But i was happy whichever of the 8 contenders won title as long Matt 'its never my fault' Neal didn't. Bit gutted from Yorkshireman tordoff couldnt have do any more, just 1 of those days didnt have pace to challenge the leaders & 5th was about it

I like jason plato no he's marmite, push come to shove he possibly my fav btcc driver but what was he doing halfway thru Race 2 challenging turkington who was going for title utter madness. He forfeited any right to challenge him once he was out of contention
Normally catch most of the races in the BTCC and get to one race every couple of years. For some reason this year the whole season has passed me by. I'll have to make more effort next year.
Yeah can be tough with being on for 8hrs. I set a manual recording for the 3 races, but could be manufactured with weight & reverse grids. but they manage great tension & i thing that f1 could learn from is how to be able to race wheel to wheel without the tyres going off
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