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some pictures from the days

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very much Brogan i always enjoy BTCC & ive said many times how good the series is always competive. anyone can win a race or challenge for a championship. i think we had 10 challengers by rd7. arguably Bigger than WTCC

it what Formula e aim to be but whereas they punish success too harshly making almost impossible for best drivers to be the best as we found out when nick de vries was distraught because he was leading the championship going into the finale. this yeah they are disadvantaged but you can still get a decent result with full ballast. as shedden proved in race 2 & cream can rise to the top. also 2019 title decider best race of 2019 in any catagory for me


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finally got a bit of time to talk about off track at Donington

ill start with a a funny moment, because we entered the room at 10-10.30am & always a great bunch of people. thought we had a tom ingram fan in our box because he had the coat & the hat. i thought nothing of it. just like you would see people in norris russell Vettel Hamilton etc gear. then i had noticed he had been gone a while. didnt think of it because people come & go. as there is alot to explore. so cut to 3pm ish after tom Ingram has just won race 2 after a outstanding drive from 11th. he pulls up in pitlane, celebrating with his crew. & then something happened & i realised i recognise that guy Tom Ingram is hugging

turns out It was tom ingram's dad, thank god i like tom ingram & didnt accidently land myself in itLOL
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i always think that if you can afford to treat yourself going into the box on the start straight seems pricey at start but worth it. the food is fantastic. love the lemon/passionfruit tarts. but general admission is £30 but it soon adds up as if you add up what is included for free in £129 package & your looking at £80-85. as coffee is 3.50, programme £7, Race Radio £8, Dinner £12.50. then you have the things you cant put a price on,
  • a great view of turn 1 & big TV screen to follow the race
  • proper toilets,
  • heated room for when it cold. (which it does in the wind at donington),
  • no baggage where you'd have to lug your camping chairs with you if wanted to explore.
  • closer to the paddock to get to watch the podiums
  • & id estimate being in the hospitality car park we managed to save a hour of queuing on entrance & exit

also on the leaving a huge praise to Donington park admin side in a big change from 2019. it was a rare situation of a thought through plan of how to get tens of thousands of away from the venue quickly & reduce queuing time. because in 2019 everyone from 3 carparks all funneled into 1 lane & as you can imagine carnage. the journey was 2 hours long 1 hour was in a 2 mile queue. the other hour was traveling from queue end to Sheffield. this year they closed the road & made it temporarily 1 way 2 lane road it was fantastic for us the same part of the journey took 10-15 mins. (although with the caveat that we were in hospitality carpark, so i cant talk about the general admission carpark which did seem long)
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