BTCC BTCC 2012 Season

Fantastic day today, I was sat between Luffield and woodcote and nearly every incident happened infront of me!! But it was foggy and cold :(. Brilliant drive from Plato in race 3, from 20th on the grid, and when Neil went out I couldn't help think of Brogan's disappointment! Easily the best race of the day, although the Clios were also fun to watch but if there is a more processional racing series than the Porsche series I haven't seen it yet.
I have just finished watching the races, and it sets it up really well for brands. Some dodgy comments from Neal snr, no luck for Neal Jr, some solid driving from Shedden, looks like it could be his season.
He was commenting on the Marshall with the fire extinguisher, and complaining that he did not get to the car very quickly, and said something along the lines of "the Marshall was probably too fat to get over the wall"

Like father like son.

Jason Plato tweeted "no marshalls, no racing" there was quite the ruckus on Twitter. Almost as big as followergate!
I missed the original comment, but I did catch the moment later on when Neal Sr. interrupted the presenter who was making his way along the grid for the last race trying to interview drivers, to give a grovelling apology. I wondered what it was about, so thanks The Pits for enlightening us.
My sodding TV has decided in it's infinite wisdom that the only channel it won't get is ITV4 so I've missed most of this season (The ITV player is pony at best for watching it live)
Finally caught up with the last few races yesterday. Pretty farcical stuff really, when the championship leader can't pass Lea Wood's superannuated Vectra.

Either the rules need to change next year, or Silverstone does, or (my preference) both. At least the finale will be at a proper circuit.
Typical restart in the second race - two separate incidents, more cars out, another SC....

I hate races like this as they just end up fizzling out.
Brands Hatch really is a rubbish circuit. Can't understand why so many seem to think it's so great compared to Silverstone. It's too narrow, too slippery and Paddock Hill bend is just a joke corner.
It's all over for another year, Shedden is the champion. Congrat's Flash.

Such a shame it rained as we were denied the opportunity of seeing the top three fight it out.

Still, as long as it isn't Neal :D
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