BTCC British Touring Car Championship 2013 Season

Turkington missed out there.
If he had kept the same gap to Neal on the last lap he would more than likely have had the win when Neal had those two moments.
Proper wet racing in race three and no Safety Car nonsense. Excellent.

Delighted to see WSR back at the front. Seems that we might have another championship contender. It might just be me, but I don't think Neal has been driving all that well despite his big points lead. The others will still fancy their chances surely.
Some good close battling at Snetterton last weekend. Shame it hasn't done much for the championship picture overall though.
Some good racing. I was pleased that Tordoff got a win, however, I think Plato would sooner forget Snetterton.

And Shedden has been taking some racing tips from Matt Neal by the looks of things......
I'd love to see Turkington upset the applecart, despite driving the ugliest car in the field, but it's a very long shot.
Rob Austin takes pole at Knockhill - Audi's first since the glory days of 1997. Turkington, Jordan, Shedden, Plato and Neal will be barging him out of the way in that order.

Races today off at 11:45, 2:15 and 5:00
So, Turkington wins race 1 and 2, and then the SAME CAR is disqualified from race 3 for over boosting... Is it not also likely that the car was overboosting in the first 2 races as well?
Some exciting stuff and Andrew Jordan took the title. Gordon Shedden came across as a bitter little man, suggesting Jason Plato had jumped the start in the 2nd race and that Plato's team mate had deliberately taken him out. The joy in Jordan's team was fantastic with the driver himself in tears on the slowing down lap.

You're right The Artist..... it is a shame it's on ITV 4 especially as they wheel out all the old lot from their appalling F1 covering to do a similarly crap job of the BTCC. It is in HD at least and Brands Hatch, even in the rain, looked fantastic. What a shame F1 doesn't go there any more, a real motor racing circuit.
I agree it was great to see Andrew Jordan take the title...& his Dad doing what he said he would do, if his son won....he wore a pink Tutu...I enjoy seeing the old ITV crew, they are not slick, but I do like them.
Chuffed as punch. Andrew dedicated his championship to Ryan Lawford who had been his "2nd mechanic" until his untimely death in January. One of my friends from Blean in Kent was overwhelmed and chuffed beyond belief. It's great to see a privateer team can still do it in a sport filled with manufacturers. Congratulations to the whole team especially for showing how that can be done..
Fantastic job by Jordan and the Eurotech team - and a fine lesson to any young driver on why finding some consistency and prudence to go alongside your natural speed is a good idea.

Not a classic season, I don't think, though it had its moments. Too many retirements for the leading Hondas and MGs left Jordan with a pretty clear run in the end.

As for the coverage I'm just thankful there's a channel still willing to show a whole afternoon of domestic motorsport. Tim Harvey I think is one of the best co-commentators out there, and Steve Rider is, obviously, a fine anchor. The camera operators at Brands could certainly have done with towels...
I'll echo what Galahad and FB said.

I even actually started to sympathise somewhat with Matt Neal (shock horror!) and found myself turning from ABN into ABS. I even began to wonder during the last race whether Plato decided to join that club, realising that he could no longer win and deliberately dropping back behind Jordan to help the Pirtek Honda driver's chances while making sure that Flash had no chance of retaining the title.

One may think that ITV4 is being 'hidden away', but in this multi-channel age, surely pressing '114' on your remote is no more difficult than '113' (or whatever the numbers are on your particular platform). There is excellent racing with good support races and almost a whole day of wall-to-wall coverage, and it's possible to watch the entire season on a free-to-air terrestrial channel, unlike one motor sport I can think of.
Chad Stewarthill

Therein lies the issue... TVs still are mostly watched on BBC1, BBC2, ITV (and to a lesser extent Channel 4 and Channel 5). As such, it is often a long way to go in the TV guide, through a whole lot of rubbish to find the TV guide for ITV4 (channel 24 on freeview), which more often than not consists of repeats of Minder all day! Certainly, I'm far less likely to check the tv guide for ITV4 than I am for ITV1.... - I know, I could look at Autosport and remind myself when the BTCC is running, but I am loathe to deal with their paywall, and the magazine is just too expensive for me nowadays!

Back in the heyday of the BTCC, you could turn on Grandstand on a Sunday, and just be told what was going to be on.. - and could just about guarantee there was going to be some sport on! - Nowadays, if you turn on ITV4, you are either guaranteed to find the entire BTCC meeting, or alternatively, endless Dennis Waterman, writing the theme tune, singing the theme tune.....
The main problem with Freeview is that it is totally disorganised. The main channels come first but after that there is neither rhyme nor reason. I don't know about elsewhere but on our installation there is no ITV4+1 which seems odd considering it is there on Freesat.
Bill Boddy on Virgin Media, ITV4 is on channel 118, not too far from ITV1 HD on 113 (ITV1 non-HD is on 103).
There is an ITV4+1 too on channel 175, grouped near some other ITV HD or +1 channels, so it's not difficult to find.
There is an option of ITV4 HD, but I would need to pay the next grade of subscription for that, as I would for Eurosport HD for which Only the non-HD Eurosport (Useful for full Le Mans coverage) is included at no extra charge.
All the main HD channels (BBC 1 & 2, ITV1 and Channels 4 and 5) are included in my package.

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