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Have you ever witnessed a more blatant display of matchfixing than this, which could deny what might be the greatest FA Cup moment at Wembley since Wigan won the FA cup. It's akin to a tomato in a fruit salad; technically, it's correct, but practically, it's not. Cricket & rugby have it right, they don't seek perfection. If it's too close to call, they stick with the on-field decision.

Everton have handed the title to Man City. It's theirs to lose now. Games in hand are no substitute for points on the board though.
As it’s the North London derby this weekend, and as last night shows, it could be the title challengers nearest neighbours that could have a big say, on the title outcome.
it seems they just ran out of steam. & i thought the reaction to beating us a month ago was telling, it seem like relief not joy. brighton & sheffield united seemed too much of an effort theyve hust collapsed under the pressure like so many have before.

its their own fault. because they just not recovered from man utd fa cup game i feel. it what they dominated but lost. wasnt the stat in 2 recent games at old trafford 60+ shots they had defeat & a draw. shame because i enjoy his passion if his moaning is annoying & hoped he would win premier league as he deserved as without him premier league wouldve been been as boring as max Verstappen
another saturday. another defensive capulitation as soon as weve gone behind, we are our own worst enemy. so often a great 1st half had so many chances. then decide to just throw the game away with moments of madness with schoolboy errors at the back
2-1 - the marking at the free kick was atrocious, let their best players. get left wide open 6 yds out.
3-1 - i think i dont want to know what holgate was thinking, what did he think would happen dragging back a player in the area as he lost the foot race
4-1 - an own goal

the stats show the difference in premier league attacks. they had 5 shots on target & scored from 4 of them, we had 4 scored 1

what's so frustrating about this season. weve had the opportunities to do so much better. despite the bin fire. the points we've thrown away deserves relegation itself,
2-1 up v Luton with 10 mins to go, conceded 2 in 5 mins lost 3-2
Lead in stoppage time v Villa & Spurs drew & lost.
2-0 up v Bournemouth - drew 2-2
3-1 up v Fulham - drew 3-3 & really should've lost 4-3
Went 1-0 & 2-1 up v Palace & Man Utd. lost both
didn't make the most of being the better team west ham & Chelsea at home, gifting them goals

the mentality is needs sorting. because every time weve had an opportunity we folded under the pressure. id argue weve thrown away as many points as we've gained
apparently that's the 100th goal & speaks of the defence. but the fact we cant score in open play is whats killed us today. forest were clinical we weren't. with the chances we've had they would disappointed if they hadn't scored 5 & we've scored 1

we tried it we wanted it to succeed but it doesnt work like we wish it would in rugby cricket NFL etc, if they had used it as they claimed they would a light touch, for the howler the injustice it couldve worked

every time i watch the Rugby World cup. i am extremely envious of them, it works so well, they dont check every try, they don't look at the entire attacking move for a reason. sorry you had a pass that went forwards 5cm on the 40yd line so its ruled out. fans can see on the screen they can hear the chats. instead of fans kept in the dark in ground. i know someone who opened up sky go to see what was going on with VAR decision.

PGMOL can only blame themselves theyve brought on their downfall. because them getting 2 in 100 decision where your praising VAR, is not worth it meddling in things that nobody cares about & yet missing or getting the major incidents wrong.

we dont need to check every goal. we dont care if someones toe 9 passes ago was offside. because thats not football nobody gained an advantage maybe the final try is a cricket style 1 appeal a game. to get the light touch that those would brought in VAR promised & under delivered
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where as man city are very murky off the pitch. 115 FFP charges & that theyve Been making up rumoured to have Been making up incomes like stadium sponsorship where its claimed the person who owns man city & Ehitad are same. so no money changes hands because he's just paying himself

but on the pitch, i can only give them huge credit. because pep is spot on if money defined success why are chelsea & man utd not far better than they are. man utd have spent 120m less than Man city since pep arrived. yet the red side are a shambles & blue side are 1 of the best in the world.

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Simple really, in modern football a players value has no limit while a players talent most definitely does.

Also, while those figures look terrifying, I wonder what they'd look like when player sales are factored in? I take it that this is expenditure only not expenditure after income has been factored in?
while those figures look terrifying, I wonder what they'd look like when player sales are factored in? I take it that this is expenditure only not expenditure after income has been factored in?
yes its not net expenditure. i cant find the same graph for some reason but i have got net spend of the last 5 years. they have Man city 6th



F1Brits_90 This is just player sales. The charges against City run much deeper than this. For example, Roberto Mancini had a contract with Manchester City to manage the club, but also a contract to "consult" for the UAE club Al Jazira for 4 days a year with the same compensation as his City contract which was £1.45 million a year. Oddly, Al Jazira have the same Chairman as Manchester City. Also, don't forget, City were banned from European football for 2 years by UEFA for FFP breaches, but some very expensive lawyers got CAS to water the punishment down.

This is where that data you are quoting comes from -

This article sheds a bit more light on the FFP charges - A comprehensive breakdown of Manchester City's 115 charges.
man city suing the premier league, i dont know what the end game is because if in F1 if you dont agree you dont sign up & you dont take part, so could man city leave english football, because you cant sue a competition & still take part in it
Looking forward to the euros. England & scotland in tournament
  • If England tops the group, I believe we will lose to France in the semi-finals. Finish 2nd in the group, we lose to Germany in the Round of 16. If White & Maguire were available for selection, I believe we would have been strong enough to win it.
  • Scotland will get out of the group, 2nd for me
  • Portugal or Netherlands will have a good run to the semis.
  • Currently, Im considering a Germany or Spain v France final.
  • I highly rate Spain, but the question remains: will history repeat itself as in the previous Euros of 2020/21? Will they dominate a game yet lack a striker to clinch the victory?
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