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cider_and_toast was just looking at the odds as having to sorting out the family predictions this upcoming season. just seen your 4th favourite for relegation upcoming season. are things really that dire at ashton gate
Just managed to scrape over the line last season thanks to a decent start.

11 first team players released.

A couple of signings.

Whole new backroom staff and chief executive.

I'd say we have got a lot of work to do.
oooh that doesnt sound great & i looked at the stats appartantly you got 3 points from final 10 games last season, but youve got a great manager in nigel pearson & theres only 2 relegation spots, as youve got derby who are struggling to get a team together to play. i wouldve thought you'd have enough to suruve

seems polar opposite over here & im feeling very confident & think we should be in the top 2 at least
It hard feels like the season has finished.
i know its always 1 of those mad years. every euros. feels like we havent had a break. you finish the season (although ours finished in march LOL )watch the playoffs straight into the euros & pre season is begun

its like last season. when 5 live commentary "well thats the season over. see you next Saturday for the community shield"
alot sheff utd fans are frustrated at no signing but i dont understand why but its modern fasination with deadline day. people forget whose in the squad already.

although id like a CB for basham/O'Connell as 1 isnt getting any younger & another is injured for another season. but if we didnt sign a player it wouldn't worry me. of course on the proviso that we dont sell anyone of course. :D this window its more important to keep our players than adding to it. but i dont think we can sign anyone realistically that will improve the squad. i love the line up for friendly v doncaster. so much tactical fluidity. 433 4312 or diamond with berge/Norwood in holding role

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Are a "sparkling" start to their tenure at Pompey the Cowley brothers will carry on in the 2021/22 season. I doubt they will still be there come the opening of the winter transfer period.

I anticipate another season of mid-table mediocrity, if we're lucky :(
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im quite surprised at what happened to cowley brothers FB because huddersfield has taken a huge dent to their reputation. because after braintree & nearly taking a part time team into football league finishing 3rd in conference & then a struggling Lincoln through the leagues from mid table conference to top of league 1

the cowley brothers were arguably the highest rated managers outside of premier league. then huddersfield happened they kind of lost their way. but i always expected portsmouth to be in promotion race but i know very well how hard it is for big club to get out of league 1. we were for 6 years.
the cowley brothers were arguably the highest rated managers outside of premier league. then huddersfield happened they kind of lost their way.
I've seen this with a lot of managers who graft at lower levels but given opportunities at bigger clubs they can't work the same magic

Steve Cotterill is a classic example.

He came to us when we were in deep, deep poo and in very real danger of dropping into the 4th division. He steadied the ship in his first season and then got us promoted with some brilliant football, a superb squad and a club record points haul the next season. The first Season back in the championship he just couldn't get a tune out of the same fiddle. It was the same for him in the championship with Nottingham Forest and Birmingham.

Pompey may have had their financial woes but they are a big club with decent support and a lot of expectation. The Cowley's need to produce a side that can perform front the first kick of the season. They won't have the luxury of exceeding expectations like they did at clubs like Lincoln.
Pompey's best manager (in living memory anyway), Harry Redknapp, is another who could do great things at clubs with modest expectations. Put him in to a bigger club and it all went to crap, with getting Southampton relegated being the exception as they were and are a tiny club, who got everything they deserved when Redknapp was in charge.
what has always fascinated me about Portsmouth FB is how the greatest day in your history took you to brink of not having a club with 2 years
Bonuses F1Brits_90 . The owners never expected to win anything so put huge win bonuses in place, then they went and won the FA cup which virtually bankrupted the club.
It's hard to believe that there are 11 former Premier League clubs in the bottom two divisions.
seeing massive teams like Sunderland & Ipswich in league 1 will always be weird. its like seeing Barrow & Harrogate in the league but notts county in the conference

I remember saying at match a few years ago how is Swansea v Wigan a premier league game. it was league 2 relegation battle when i had started watching football
thought you be interested our blogger predictions. he does in depth for every team in our league. great to read. thought id share the Bristol city one for you

Screenshot_20210802-213221_Samsung Internet.jpg
that was a frustrating night. i think we can agree that slav got his tactics wrong. Bowyer deserves credit. did well tactically & took advantage of our shocking marking at the back post. everytime osborn left people unmarked

but we can forgive jokakavic for some of this. as with covid issues we only just had 1 proper preseason game. im sure we could all see the 2 forwards & heavily reliant on pure pace, trying to get in behind wasnt working after 25 mins, especially when we were completely bypassing mcgoldrick. we needed mousset or burke

we much got better towards the end of 2nd when we played into feet. creating things instead of hoofing it to Birmingham centre backs. but many attempts inches either way couldve gone in. but there still enough the to know we can be in the mix.

yes we should had a pen. but VAR wouldn't have solved anything. as PL have proven last 2 years its useless & how many times did they completely miss incidents like this because they were more interested if toenails are offside
oooh forest green rovers thats not great for bristol city. always the horrible feeling when you get knocked out by a minnow. losing to barnet for me few years ago. was most angry id been all season

but league cup is an odd one because there is no money in it, you actually get as much money from winning a 1st round Fa cup game than making the semi finals of the league cup. but i always like to win the 1st round because its great for confidence & momentum. but then once you get to september i could take it or leave it
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