A new team?

April fool. If there was to be anything like this, it would have been in the official channels a long time ago, there is a heck of a lead time on these things. The Jenson Button facebook page is not his official page.
Facebook, Twitter all the rest of them pahh that's nothing new my ex wife invented social networking many years ago she would come home and tell me all about what she had been doing that day whether I wanted to hear about it or not.......
considering the main part of the web address. ( The thoughts number 24, circles, and Gordon is entering my head)

Im thinking April fools joke leading to a marketing exercise, and new F1 sponsor?

Edit: scratch that, ive read the thread properly now :rolleyes:
I've had a look at the HTML, and for some reason there is an audio file of Nessun Dorma sung by Pavarotti saved on there, that will play just before the countdown ends.

I can't wait until this flu shifts and I find something better to do...
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