2021 Silly Season


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Stroll had a poor race today given the promise shown over the weekend with the car. Its a shame the Hulk didn't get to run.

I certainly saw nothing in Sebs drive today to say his drive would have been any better in the Racing Point than Stroll, Hulkster or Perez.

Having the name in the car is probably worth more to Racing Point than any performance it may bring.


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Hill to Arrows maybe.

Fittipaldi and Villeneuve were sold the dream of having a whole team built just for them. Vettel isn't worth that effort any more.


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Vettel had an awful weekend and certainly not worth $30m-$40m or so that he is currently paid. To me Vettel seems to excel when everything is perfect for him including the car a bit like Button. When things are not he tends to fight everyone even the FIA and stewards thinking the whole world is against him.

I was more interested to hear Verstappen say Hulkenberg deserves to be in F1. Now Red Bull might be eyeing a short term replacement for Albon if Hulkenberg does well this weekend I hope


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i love that as much i dont think albon done much wrong you dont become a bad driver over night & the red bull isnt the best they publicily admitted they have issues. & as i on the chat i dont think albon was at fault unless the alonso "all the time you need to leave a space" rule is no longer a rule otherwise magnussen shouldve left a cars width which is obvious to see he didnt. anyway ive gone on a tangent as usual

hulkenburg is for me 1 of best drivers never to stand on the podium. almost the opposite of perez in races he shouldve won or got on the podium something as always happened to him & for his talent he deserves to catch a break


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Although, if the only real alternatives were Ocon (slower) or Russell (too inexperienced) then I don't suppose it really matters, does it?
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