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As the new season is just underway, will the effects of Covid-19 play a big factor in how the season will pan out. Will Liverpool retain their title, will a new team break into the top six.Also at the end of the domestic season their is also the rearranged Euro 2020 to be played.
i think euro 2020 will take place hopefully with fans. but pan European travel might still not take place & tickets could be rearranged so for. ie: only Italians go to games in Rome , British for Wembley & Hampden, Germans for Berlin. but even if has it will be played behind closed doors
utd are having a few struggles, alot of bad luck the crowd is a big part of our team. then you have disastrous 1st 6 mins. nonsense red card v villa & then on Sunday. Leeds great performance & keeper has a blinder. why im reluctant to put any blame on the defence because in last 264 mins they conceded 2 goals. which normally is Fantastic. so they are doing their job. we shouldn't be asking the defence to have a clean sheet in every game. because thats extremely unrealistic

but its same old same old, the issue PL is unforgiving. if you dont capitalise there plenty of teams that will punish you. like arsenal did in the cup, Everton & Southampton did last 2 games last season. then villa & Leeds have this season & i still state if had finisher like a Ings Vardy Jimenez etc. we beat villa + leeds & we have 6pts. 7th in PL, everyone is happy
Considering that their was no crowd at Newport last night, Jonjo Shelvey’s celebration seemed at bit strange.
for us today, top team away is always a game you expect to get little out of. but our sitation made it 1 we needed a point from but its typical of our luck & premier league inconsistency Egan gets sent off at villa but for the same offence Luiz gets nothing. but thats the last 4 games. every decision is against us. but we have fulham next which is a must win & i fully expect we should win as we are playing well. otherwise then we can worry, but kevin gage the pundit on radio sheffield annoyed me & weve getting enough bad luck recently without him cursing us
60 - we look v solid. cant see us conceding
61 - saka 1-0
64 - pepe 2-0
the liverpool result is 1 noone expected & i was watching thinking why are the 4 liverpool defenders all in attacking half, last time i saw defending this bad it was nyron nosworthy who disappeared & surely after 3 & 4 you get rid of the high line. letting watkins have a field day

OGS is weird, because both years hes been at man utd they been chalk & cheese with the same squad. they will look world beaters & potential title contenders after march. but they start the season & for the 1st 6 months they look more likely to be in relegation fight than the top half.
start of the season P14 W4 D6 L4 avg 49pts wouldve 13th
end of the season P14 W9 D5 L0 avg 87pts wouldve 2nd
(project restart P9 W6 D3 L0)

but trying to predict the PL is impossible, ive never known it so unpredictable. just in the last 7 days we've had

West brom 3-0 up on Chelsea after 20 mins
Man City 2-5 Leicester
then Leicester lose 0-3 West ham
Man Utd 1-6 Spurs
West Ham 4-0 Wolves
A Villa 7-2 Liverpool
Leeds 1-1 Man City ( but thats was man city being useless in front of goal)
to say the last week has been a bit of pr disaster for premier league is an understandment. ive seen violent physcopaths with more compassion
it was a race against time, ;) :D but it was always going to be a mountain to climb as this chelsea team are quality

although this is is footballing fraud, they scored 2 clearly illegal goals. we all know the premier league ball is rigged. we were winning this game alot & mysteriously we are losing now. must be illegal
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England v Scotland at Wembley in major tournament. this could be incredible..was too young for euro 96.

hope its as good as these 2

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maradona news really shocked me, i was in the kitchen making a quiche (never misspell that on Google LOL ) so was stunned when i opened that on social media. as i forgotten about his health issues

too young to see him live because he was big 1986 - 1994 & i didn't start watching football until 1998 world cup & i watched the fantastic maradona movie way back in 1st days of lockdown, (which ill post my in depth review in next post) i unexpectedly felt sorry for him at the end of his movie. but then i may feel different if i had watched it live as i dont have 35yr grudge. but that 1986 world cup match was probally perfect judge of his career. cheat & the genius 1 of best goals ever scored in a world cup. not that I think England wouldve won that match anyway

lived up to hype every bit as great & gripping as 'Senna'. so many things to think about. the transfer was weird & has to be dodgy its like Burnley signing messi you want to know how they can afford him & why is he going.

the achievement to change his style of play to succeed in Italy & then take a team in 5 years from relegation to league & European glory for 1st time is incredible achievement. but made me question. what was the reason he wanted to leave napoli & telling president sell me in 1989 after they had just won UEFA cup
1) gone as far as he could, wanted a new challenge
2) he worried the drugs would make him/or had him on decline & loved the club so wanted them to get as much money as they could on a high
3) or was he trying to escape the mafia

this bit is going to be sacrilege for many & i didnt live through that, i might feel different if watched the game live i know shilton still cant forgive him i dont blame him. 1st what were the Italian FA thinking putting Argentinan Semi final in naples. like having England v Argentina at the Etihad. although I sort of understand. but still shocked at the split. how some italians can you go against your own country for 1 player pre match. i dont care if half Irish team are utd players im not going to a bramall lane supporting the Irish over the English. they become the enemy.

right now here is the sacrilegious thing. of course 'hand of god' horrible but as he says he was as surprised that the linesman didnt flag & it blatant cheating. which is unacceptable but then is 100s of goalkeepers who pretend theyve saved it legally when in fact the ball had gone 3ft over line. roy carroll anyone, no football fan is that naive to think that players will be honest just look at Andy Carroll. so i actually have alot sympathy for Maradona at the 1990 world cup & massive implications afterwards because the way Italians tried to destroy his life after booing the anthem in world cup final & but stuff they turned blind eye too. turned constant set ups to get him arrested only because he scored in shootout is unacceptable arguably worse than 1986. nobody is having ago at argentinan goalie that saved the penalties or italians who missed penalties. no make scapegoat for your issues. what was Maradona supposed to do let his teammates down & betray his country, deliberately chuck a game just to please his club fans. napoli & italy need to get a grip, thats a sulk i expect from a 5yr old.
ive given up reviewing Sheffield United games. as its normally the same thing every weekend. & might as well. cut & paste from last week. playing great but then punished for our wastefulness.we could be on 11pts in 16th. but with 40 mins left if things dont change. we could be bottom 1pt from 10

it baffling utd are the most dangerously toothless side ive ever seenbuild up is like man city with the finishing of stevie wonder
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