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How did you rate the 2017 British Grand Prix Out Of Ten?

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Exciting race from beginning to end, great battles from the Red Bulls, big drama for the Ferraris, which tightens up the championship, I would give it a 9 but because Lewis also got the Grand Slam, I give it a 10.
Great start slow in the middle and huge amounts of carnage at the end. Max was great in first half. Great fun. Perfect result for Lewis and the championship. Now just 1 point in it. Would of scored higher if I wasn't so concerned about Martin Brundle.

It wasn't interesting. Hamilton drove off into the distance as Kimi didn't have the pace. Ricciardo made overtakes on cars that were at least one second slower than the Red Bull and apart from all that nothing happened.

I voted before the Ferrari's had their puncture.
I gave it a 5. Some good camera work showing the action through the field made it more interesting,than Austria. Pity the Red Bulls weren't higher up the rankings though.
Vacillated between 6 and 7 and went 6 in the end. Lewis was sublime but just ran away with it. There were some good battles down the field but, in the end, it was a bit Meh!
Superbly dominant from the Mercs but there was never any doubt about the winner. Would have been a 5 but reduced to a 4 as no Martin Brundle. Hope he's alright.
Only a 5, as the lead and win was never in doubt after the first 3 centimetres. First lap fun between Sainz and the increasingly useless Kvyat and the super-budget left fronts on the Ferraris probably gained it 3 marks and stopped it being a 2. A bit of rain would have been good. Bottas and Danny Ric were immense and Perez must really hate Ocon by now.....
Schadenfreude overload today.

I thought Lewis did everything right, as such, apart from the drama at the end, i felt that it was actually a rather dull race. A few moments contained within, but mostly DRS down the hangar straight, followed by a sweep into stowe.

Nothing that got me on the edge of my seat at all.


I think that it also indicates that Mercedes have addressed the issues with tyres that they were having earlier in the season, and i believe that will sound the death knell for any meaningful challenge through the season. I have no real issuewith that as Merc are doing it right, but it is likely to make what had every prospect of being an epic battle evaporate.
Boring race, apart from the battle between Verstappen and Vettel nothing happened.

Sick and tired of seeing Merc dominate.
They've only had one front row lockout in those four races; I'd hardly describe that as a return to the end of last season.

If they beat Ferrari at Budapest though, that might imply a problem.
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