1. olegg

    F1 2017 races comparison Out Of Ten

    Before 2018 season would be useful compared voting about races 2017
  2. Rutherford

    Poll 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

    2017 Brazilian Grand Prix Out Of Ten
  3. olegg


    F3 - LANDO NORRIS IS THE NEW FIA FORMULA 3 EUROPEAN CHAMPION "Lando Norris (Carlin) has done it, the Brit is the new FIA Formula 3 European Champion. For the young talent, who is backed by the McLaren Formula 1 team, second place behind race winner Joel Eriksson (Motopark) was enough to seal the...
  4. Rutherford

    Poll 2017 Singapore Grand Prix Out Of 10

    5, exciting start, then the mid-race lull began on lap 5. Magnussens short battle with Massa was amusing, but that was about it.
  5. olegg

    2017 vs 2016 comparison of Standings

  6. Rutherford

    2017 Teammate comparisons

    Approach: Times are from a single session. For example: Driver A did not advance to Q2, then the time for driver A and driver B was taken from Q1. Times which were posted despite a failure or by a replacement driver are not accounted for in the averages. These are marked by an asterisk...
  7. Rutherford

    Poll 2017 British Grand Prix Out Of Ten

    How did you rate the 2017 British Grand Prix Out Of Ten?
  8. olegg

    Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2017?

    Which is the best-looking F1 car of 2017? All cars was presented. And what is your choice?
  9. cider_and_toast

    FIA 2017 Formula One Calendar

    The 2017 Calendar has been released and the exciting news is........ There is almost no change from this years calendar. Sorry endurance fans but you are going to have to choose between the Not the European GP or Le Mans again next year. For full details see the link: FIA reveals 21-race...
  10. Il_leone

    2016-17 Silly Season. Drivers Market

    After last year's disappointment in the silly season where Ferrari decided that Kimi was worth keeping on his overpaid wages This season is probably going to be more intriguing given Mercedes - Rosberg's contract is up at the end of the season whilst Toto appears to say that he would like to...
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