Pre-GP Quiz 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Quiz.


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Good morning, afternoon, evening, night and welcome to the 2016 Bahrain GP quiz. Show those little grey cells the starting lights, rev up the old grey matter and go go go.....

1) The 2004 Bahrain Grand Prix was the first World Championship race to be held in the Middle East but not the first World Championship Grand Prix to be held in a Muslim country. For half a mark each where and in which year did that take place?

1958 Moroccan Grand Prix

2) Which company has been the title sponsor of the Bahrain GP since 2004

Gulf Air

3) While Alcohol is not banned in Bahrain, the drivers use something else to spray instead of champer's. Known in Arabic as Waard, what specifically is it?


4) Who is the only winner of the Bahrain GP who will not be on the grid this year?

Michael Schumacher

5) Which driver gave the fans an interesting view of his bottom in this picture?


Esteban Gutierrez

6) Before Haas, the last start up team to score points at their debut race, scored their final pole and only qualifying 1-2 at the 2009 Bahrain GP. Who?

Toyota Racing

7) At last years event, which driver failed to set a time in either qualification or the race itself?

Jenson Button

8) Also at last years race, why did Will Stevens qualify in 18th on the Saturday and yet start the race in 20th on the Sunday without having received any penalties?

Pastor Maldonado lined up in the wrong grid spot forcing Stevens down a row (or words to that effect)

9) In 2010 the race layout changed to using the longer Endurance layout. How many laps did this remove from the normal race count?

Normal race lap count 57, Endurance layout 49. Therefore the answer is 8. Have yourself a half a point for 7 or 9.

10) And finally, which driver has finished 3rd 3 times and 2nd 4 times but has yet to stand on the top step?

Kimi Raikkonen

Well there you go all. I'm hoping to see some big scores here. Good luck.
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