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Seeing as the World Cup is now over, and the transfer window has been open for a few weeks,and with the new Premier league season starting in less than a month it is time to discuss all things football again.
As Liverpool seem to be buying all of the Southampton 1st team in this transfer window does that mean there new arch rivals will be Portsmouth.
That's an impressive increase on just a few weeks ago when they had just 6.

Another fit and proper Chairman I presume ??
It seems that the owner just sticks all the money in his own pocket, contrary to the other owners in this case it really is ALL THE MONEY

ARSENAL - Home -
Somehow, its just not as good as a Nike Arsenal home kit. Not as clean... 7.
Away - Surprisingly, on a similar template works better. 9.
Third - It is a unique kit but a half-decent idea. Galatasaray (A) (UEFA Champions League)? 7.

ASTON VILLA - Home - Not sure the home kit needs the pinstripes. Is it not enough to be Aston Villa? 7.
Away - This is where you bring in the pinstripes. Very 1982. 9.

BURNLEY - Home - Oh yes. Oh yes, oh yes. 10.
Away - Can't go wrong with a good old black kit (although see Hull), but silver is great too! 9.

CHELSEA - Home - Look like QPR after someone spilt some of the blue ink over the final design. 7.
Away - Yep. That's right. 8.
Third - At least now they're trying to get those ink stains out, but it left a big smudge. 5 because it is blue ffs.

CRYSTAL PALACE - Home - They look more and more like a Barcelona tribute act. Managed by Tony Pulis (at time of starting the post). 7.
Away - Everyone knows how well yellow and blue works on a football kit, but what if we made the blue much lighter. It'd look shite. 4.

EVERTON - Home - Retro. And good retro. 8½.
Away - See Burnley, but knock off half a point for not having the silver. 8½.
Third - Apparently Fiorentina weren't keen, but it is a good 'un. Inter (A)? 8.

HULL CITY - Home - It is a solid, tigerish, Hull kit. Chapeau. 9.
Away - The literal only half-clash in the league is Newcastle (A), a match in which this would be useless. First rule of away kits is don't clash with the home kit, Einstein. 5

LEICESTER CITY - Home - It is clearly a Leicester kit, which seems to be beyond some. 8.
Away - Going for gold. Getting beige. 6½.
Third - They're going to look good on that trip to Boca Juniors? 7.

LIVERPOOL - Home - The less white the better. Quite some white. 8.
Away - It is good; yellow a good solid Liverpool colour. 9.
Third - Yet again, Warrior have delegated the Liverpool third kit to someone who was clearly pissed. 2.

MANCHESTER CITY - Home - Shorts are not white. Jimmy Hill would be impressed, but he's associated with Coventry. 6.
Away - It's blue! There's a third kit coming, due to UEFA. But still quite nice. 7.

MANCHESTER UNITED - Home - Let's ignore the Chevvy stuff, and say that is a classic Manchester United kit. 9.
Away - Seems they rotate this one to make sure they don't do it at the same time as Liverpool. 9.
Third - Turns out the levée was not dry. OK, can't totally ignore it. A proper Man United trinity, this. 9.

NEWCASTLE UNITED - Home - Striped shirt. It's not difficult. Sod off. 4.
Away - Somewhere around the middle of the colours you'd associate with Newcastle. Sir Alex Ferguson would not approve, and nor do I! 5.
Fourth - You avarice driven twats. -2.

QUEENS PARK RANGERS - Home - Yeah, it's OK. QPRish. 8.
Away - Hoops would be better. Take note, AC Milan, this is what your kit should look like. 9.
Third - Shit! What are we going to wear at Palace? Plain white? 7.

SOUTHAMPTON - Home - RED AND WHITE STRIPES! Not brilliant, but still. 6¾.
Away - Yeah, can take that. Blue and yellow is always good. 8.

STOKE CITY - Home - I swear they wore this kit a few years ago, and it wasn't great then. 6½.
Away - Could be slightly better if the sash ran all the way up. 9.

SUNDERLAND - Home - If we use gold trim, some Mackems will need to buy new replica strips. Nice though. 8¾.
Away - Yep, although as the blurb says, hope that ain't black. 9.

SWANSEA CITY - Home - It's an adidas white kit. Standard issue. 8.
Away - I like, I like and I like a lot. Even better, the sponsor is probably cursing. 10.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR - Home - I sort of like Spurs kits when they're more plain, but this is good. 8¾
Away - Has the idea of a spotlight, really, and is frankly quite excellent. 9½.
Third - Roll up to St. James' Park. But I can't complain. 9.

WEST BROMWICH ALBION - Home - That is correct, that says West Bromwich Albion. Not Bolton. 3.
Away - At least they've got one kit that is quite nice. Anyone think it was Southampton's kit until they ditched adidas? 7.

WEST HAM UNITED - Home - That's not West Ham United. 5.
Away - Stoke. That's what you were aiming at. 10.
Third - I'm presuming Man City away, but it breaches the First Rule. 5.
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