Poll 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix: Driver of the Race

Bahrain GP Driver of the race?

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Right no driver of the weekend awards but more driver of the race poll from now on.

The following five i think deserve to be mentioned in this poll.

Sebastain Vettel:
Lights to Flag victory, only did he lose his lead through pit stops.

Kimi Raikkonen:
From 11th on the grid to finish 2nd and almost a chance of victory.

Romain Grosjean:
First career podium finish for the Frenchmen and just faultless all race.

Paul Di Resta:
Made a two stopper work to his avantage and lead the race for a lap or so. Did well to hold the faster Alonso off in the end.

Felipe Massa:
You may think WTF has she put him in the list for. But considering where Massa has been in recent weekends, this has been the best race of Massa's season and really did work his socks off to keep in the points.

Remember this is just for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
You have to go with Kimi. I can't think of anyone who drove better than him in the race.
Seb - great drive for pole (yes, I know it's driver of the race) and handled the pressure brilliantly in the race. His first few laps were pure 2011 Red Bull dominance without the EBD. Stunning.
I would've voted Kovalainen had he been in the poll. If Vergne hadn't hit him on the first lap he would have been up there racing with Toro Rossos. Driver of the weekend, really.
di Resta for me. Outqualified his team-mate and did well to get into Q3, especially when you take into account that Force India missed out FP2. Then he was smart in the race and chose his battles, he knew he wasn't racing Vettel and let him go yet still defended hard and fair against Alonso to secure 6th.

Vettel would be my second choice. He had just one set of fresh tyres and managed his degredation excellently.

I see Raikkonen is getting a lot of votes here. I didn't vote for him because of the amount of tyres he had available to him. Furthermore that Lotus looked very fast in race trim, probably the best, to me at least. Even if it were driver of the weekend I wouldn't vote for Kimi, that 11th place on Saturday was below par.
Kimi, by the proverbial country mile ...... 9.9/10 :thumbsup:

He could only have done better if had made that one attempt to pass Vettel stick.
..... although the other 4 options also did well. :snigger:
As much as I like Di Resta, Massa and Raikkonen. I've decided to go with young Frenchmen Grosjean, i just couldn't see him do ought wrong all race and think he's proved why so many rate him with his performance today.
I have gone for Grosjean, as I believe that he and Massa were under the most pressure to deliver. Many doubted that Grosjean belonged in F1 and this should put those feelings to rest.

Massa showed definite signs of life, at long last. Hopefully he can continue to improve.

Kimi was terrific, but has vastly more experience in F1 than Grosjean, hence my vote for the latter.

Altogether, a very interesting and entertaining race. So far, a very enjoyable season.
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