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2011 Singapore Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Not my cup of cake
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Thought I'd try something new after Singapore, how did you rate the race? Just click on the button (no halves or a zero I'm afraid). You can justify your choice if you want or just vote and forgot about it.
I put 5, wasn’t the greatest GP but certainly not the worst. Had a few good moments but I’m not a big fan of the circuit. Races at this track can be really uneventful.. and long.
It was about a 7 out of 10 for me.

Reckon DRS worked much better than i thought it would. While i only got to see Lewis really overtake, i bet we'll get a surprise and they'll be alot more than we actually think they'd been. Also even though it was obverse Vettel was in cruise mode it was good to see Jenson go and track him down at the end to give Seb something to think about.

Some stellar drives from a good few drivers aswell made me enjoy it more.

But agree with TA it was a good race for a street circuit enjoyed it alot more than i did Monaco and Valencia.
Quite average, I gave it 6.

I thought last year's was more entertaining, more on track battles, Schumacher crashing into Sauber's constantly (continued that trend somewhat in this race) Kubica coming through the field and with some good overtaking moves after his puncture, Webber and Hamilton fighting, Alonso and Vettel fighting for the lead.

Contrast that to this race, all we saw was Vettel cruising away, Button having his race of his own, a good battle between Alonso and Webber but we knew who would eventually win, Hamilton tagging Massa, some may say Hamilton coming through the field was interesting, I don't since 90% of his moves where with the DRS which made it too easy, or stopping and giving him way (yes you Sutil).

The race got quite dull until Schumacher went flying and got the safety car out.

What mainy interested me was the battle from 6th-9th, wasn't that great, I wonder if it would have been better if Schumacher was in the mix.
What I do when I vote on things like this is to compare it to last years race, and to compare it to other races in the year. Was it better than last year? About the same. Was it as good as some races this year? No. But better than Australia and Valencia definitely. As I would regard many races this year as 7, 8 , 9 or 10/10 and this wasn't the best but not the worst, I have to give it a 7.
This has given me an idea. What about, for 2012, a poll like this after every race, and at the end of the season, we can have an award for 'The Best Race as Voted for by the Clip the Apex Members'. Just to go on the Historic Page or something?

An absolute brilliant idea. But we have to make sure that the results of the race (i.e. controversial penalties, first lap retirements of your favourite driver) don't influence the rating of the race in terms of entertainment.
Waste of time judgding by the current polls here.

They're very partisan, with a lot of people voting for their favourite driver, no matter how good or bad their race weekend was.
That will just carry across to the other polls.

I was even considering dropping the DotW vote.

By all means feel free to post threads with polls, but I don't think we'll be archiving them.
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