Poll 2011 Singapore Grand Prix Out of Ten

2011 Singapore Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Waste of time judgding by the current polls here.

They're very partisan, with a lot of people voting for their favourite driver, no matter how good or bad their race weekend was.
That will just carry across to the other polls.

I was even considering dropping the DotW vote.

By all means feel free to post threads with polls, but I don't think we'll be archiving them.

I don't think that's fair Brogan. Obviously no matter what website a poll is on there will always be a bit of bias, and of course there is that here and most people know who those members are that vote this way. But I think the majority of the members on this site vote for who they think did the best job or the best job after Vettel. As for the rate the race poll I don't think it's neccassary to be honest, generally it is pretty obvious if we have had a great race (Nurburgring, Montreal) or a dud (Valencia) but of course many people would probably disagree with me due to certain factors such as their opinion on DRS.
Dislike the circuit as there are no proper flowing bendy sections. Dislike it being run at night, it looks like it's being run indoors. Dislike DRS, it's just a bodge because they won't bite the bullet and savagely cut wings.

Fortunately the driving was mostly of a higher standard than the above, but in the main we were denied lengthy views of the fight to be just in the points. So a 6.
I gave Singabore a 4, even though my driver came second, it wasn't exactly thrilling.. A bad descision by the stewards and a couple of amaturish bits of driving were the 'highlights' of a dull, procession race.

Hamilton probably making it more entertaining than it really ought to have been and Button's late charge got me a little excited, although we all knew that Seb was going to win.

Other than that standard race really (for this season anyway :))
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