1999 French Grand Prix


Have you ever wanted to use up 90 minutes of your live by reliving some F1 nostalgia? Well now you can, so....
From a director going by the alias 'formula1lol' and produced by a popular-video-sharing-website-near-you... here is the 1999 French Grand Prix! (Well, from Part 3 onwards and no part 7 due to the Dictator not being happy that he can't charge internet users to watch his puppets some GP drivers driving)
Here is what happened in qualifying to bring you up to speed:

It starts off a little bit dramatic, so sit back and enjoy!!:popcorn::snacks:

And you get to hear the Irish National Anthem at the end!! What a novelty!
One of my favourite races from the brilliant year that was '99. Sadly also the one where Damon looked thoroughly disenchanted with F1, and the start of all the retirement talk.

Can you get the Monza race too?
I love the cars back then.

Red Ferrari, with a nice red shade and the Marlboro, the McLaren WEST livery (my all time favourite), the yellow Jordan with Benson and Hedges, the white Stewart and tr blue playlife Benneton.

My first ever full F1 season that I can remember!
Thanks for sharing this link. I watched this race and then found the coverage from the Nurburgring of the same year. '99 was a great year as there were so many twists and turns. You truly didn't know who would win a race as there were so many contenders.

I agree that it was hard to see Hill so obviously beaten by the Padock gossip machine though. He was a great driver who I followed throughout his entire F1 career.

I do hope that the 2012 season can chalk up more than 5 winners unlike the past two seasons. I'd love to see a little more unpredictability in the race results, but the amazing reliability of the modern machines will prevent any change.
See 1.50 onwards in part 10 for a classic Murrayism. Also, isn't that more exciting than your average DRS pass? Great race, anyway.
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