Grand Prix 2023 Miami Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Welcome to Miami now
Broken promises are here
I don't know, you don't know
Welcome to Miami now

I don't know, you don't know, why I chose to start with that, probably because it's the only song I know about Miami. Should you want to track it down and have a listen it's Miami by Baxter Dury. Please note that it's a bit sweary.

Turning to the matter in hand, we are back for the "second edition" of the Miami Grand Prix as the owners of F1 desperately try and convince the American public that European motorsport is better than their home grown variety. This year, in a complete change to last year, we can expect to see le Clerc in the Ferrari take pole, only for Max Verstappen to pass him before lap 10 and sail off to the finish with occasional moments of faux excitement after Nick de Vries or Alex Albon have shoved there car in to the wall, causing the safety to waddle out.

Meanwhile, over at Indycar they have had four different winners from three different teams so far this season. But this can't be as good as F1 as the cars are all the same.

For 2023, to make the race more exciting, the grandstand capacity has been increased by 3,000 and part of the paddock will be inside, yes INSIDE, the Hard Rock Stadium. I think I may need to take a moment here...

And I'm back. The palpitations have subsided, helped by a soothing chamomile tea

Here's the schedule, but I have told you the result so it's up to you if you bother to watch it. At the same time the Beeb have a programme on about some bloke called Charles who's just got a new job, you could watch that instead.

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Peter Windsor, for what it's worth, was impressed with Max in Miami - "I don't like it": Max Verstappen pointing to number '1' on his car did not impress F1 pundit

I read another report that Max was booed on the podium. I couldn't be bothered to watch after the flag fell, did anyone else stay on and hear anything?
i heard the booing but i didnt think it was that important, its sport basically i heard it & thought "well there is alot of checo/mexican fans, so of course there going to boo"

people have got to have stop take this so personally, because we all seen that at certain gps, Mexico, Britain, US, Dutch, historically Brazil. if your going for a title & home favourite whether thats Hamilton didnt win & Rival/ Villain for that weekend be it Rosberg, Vettel or Verstappen did win then they would get booed. Massa got cheered everytime he spun in 2008, then when you go to Brazil Germany & Netherlands. Massa, Rosberg, Vettel or Verstappen are the home favourite & Hamilton gets booed.

am i right that italian Teo fabi once stuck it on pole for his home race at monza but got booed because he wasnt a ferrari driver
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