Poll Will McLaren finish the race?

Will a McLaren finish the race?

  • Both McLaren's will finish

  • One McLaren will not finish

  • Both McLarens DNF

  • Both McLarens DNF because they DNQ

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Bill Boddy

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So far they have not even managed half a race simulation but they will get within 7% of the Q1 time unless the Mercs decide to get rid of them. There is the possibility that Button will manage to nurse one through to the finish as he's quite experienced at that (especially with Honda) but will he do enough laps to be counted as a finisher?


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I hope Honda don't stray into this thread. The poll results will have them in tears. :D


The great irony of course being that according to both three drivers (er... well you know what I mean) the chassis appears to mark a substantial improvement over the previous two seasons' cars.

there must be some some "what-have-we-done?" element at the back of the mind of some at McLaren about the switch to Honda.


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Do we need to run another poll on how many pit stops the McLaren cars will make as I get the feeling this, and the next few races, will be little more than an extended test session.


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You never know... What was it again that Nigel Mansell said after hs win in Rio in 1989?

"That's the most laps this car's ever done before!"...


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I went for both DNF. The cars have consistently fallen apart in all the tests so far. But at least they are consistent.:snigger:


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We can't underestimate them but I'd be reasonably confident that one car will not make it to the finish.


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I've gone for one won't make it, although I hope I'm wrong and they both put in a strong performance.


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I think that one will finish. They will be treating this as a testing opportunity rather than a race, so any problem that can be fixed will be, so that they may put on the maximum miles possible. I expect that they will be unable to finally fix one of them, so it will DNF. The one that finishes will be so far behind the winner, he would need the HUBBLE to see it!
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