Tokyo 2020 (21) olympics


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the Olympics unofficially start in 11 hours. & we still dont know 100% they are taking place. reminds of build up to 2019 Australian GP

although i have sympathy for tokyo because the IOC have said its now or never & they refuse to have 3 Olympics with a 2 yr period. so either they have the olympics or they spent 10.5billion for nothing & cant host it for at very least another 20yrs



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very enjoyable that opening ceremony. slow going at the start but after the post nations parade, it picked up & was very good. it was nice to see we have return to 2 part ceremony either side of nations parade. as brazil 5 years ago couldn't be arsed certainly did it on cheap, that drone symbol was seriously impressive

ive clearly watched too much pointless, when i too happy when i saw the nations like Central African Republic, Vanuatu, Tuvalu & St Vincent & the grenadines


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It's very strange given the lack of sports during lockdown, but I've fallen out of love with sport as a whole.

Before lockdown I would drive hundreds of miles to watch Football or Rugby. Would watch test and county cricket at various grounds and watch a lot of other sport either in person or on TV.

Right now, apart from Footy, there's a B and I Lions tour on and I'm not bothered. The Olympics, not bothered. Cricket, not bothered.

Totally losing sporting mojo.


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i certainly went through that last season with sheff utd. i didnt know when we were playing & result didnt effect me either way

but now the crowds are back ive definitely come around the otherside
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