Winter Olympics

did you notice that the guest of honour at the opening ceremony was from a country not even formally competing at the games?
I didn't see it but I heard Vlad was in town, is that who you are talking about?

Also, I can't believe you would doubt that a 15 year old would need treatment for Angina?


How much blood do these two have on their hands?

And for those that want to criticise western politicians for being "war mongers", and less than transparent on international matters when they perceive a benefit to their country, remember that the media (broadcast, print or social) in western countries allows open criticism of politicians, the individuals (very often their families) and their policies, holds open elections where you can not only vote to remove them from office but where you can stand against them in such an election without fear of intimidation or incarceration.

Please, never conflate or confuse the limited restrictions on freedom and discourse we have in western democracies, and the failings of our politicians, with the massive and flagrant human rights abuse and violations inflicted by Putin and Xi on their people. Not all politicians are the same.
If anyone tells you that sport and politics shouldn't mix, let rip a huge belly laugh and just walk away.
exactly every summer olympics since 1936 has been political & with all the boycotts

the russian saga, yeah ive known about this for 3 days & for the 1st time ever ive kept my opinion to myself (stop laughing at the back ;) ) , as if i remember rightly, i had a discussion about the russians on 2018 winter olympic thread & i remember it was more heated than the abu dhabi aftermath

but it was interesting i was reading because under 16yr old she was protected by wada, so she cant be at fault for taking it as shes too young, so it could be a loophole & 1 of the americans has said when ask about the only 3 to do the quad were all russian & she said "they are doing things that is impossible for rest of us". i was saying at home im surprised the russians are allowed to take part because its been 7 years & 4 olympics that "russia" have been banned. ill leave it at that
I’m beginning to wonder if team GB are going to win a medal.

i think with the curling defeats & how shocking performance in women's skeleton where we have slowest trays. finishing 21st & 22nd out of 25 only beating South Korea, Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands. looks like likely GB will have come in to the games thinking it could be our most successful games ever. winning multiple golds for the 1st time in our history & equaling or beating record of 5 medals.

i think we will go away with nothing at all. for the 1st time since 1992
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