The CTA "Very Best Of" Race Grid


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Which teams do we want to see on the "Very Best of" Grid to race on our "Very Best of" Track. There will be 13 teams allowed on the grid, with your choice of liveries and numbers.

Cider_and_Toast, please choose your team(s) as wisely as possible since we don't want to confirm any obsessions.

I'm going to start us off with the Minardi with 1986 livery, numbered #20 and #21 (of course)!

Lotus1, 21973
Tyrell3, 41990
Williams5, 61992
Brabham7, 81975
Benetton9, 101995
McLaren11, 121988
March14, 171988
Renault15, 161982
Mercedes18, 191954
Minardi20, 211986
Brawn22, 232009
Cooper24, 251961
Ferrari27, 281979
OK, Renaults from 1982, #15 and #16.

We'll have to work out where everyone starts by the time we've got the race track together, sheesh this could be complicated if we let it be!
Good choice FB. Like it :thumbsup:

Please could I nominate the Mclaren MP4/4s with numbers 11 and 12. 16 Races 15 Wins (and it should have been 16 if Senna could have held back a few corners!!)

Absolute pure 80's beauty.

(Didn't see that one coming did you LOL )
*ahem* Ferrari must in has the longest running team in F1 not quite there from the start missing the very first race.
I think I will take them the 79 season
Car: Ferrari 312T
27 Gilles Villeneuve
28 Jody Scheckter

and yes yes I know they used 11, 12 in 1979, but we cant have Gilles run with any other number now can we :)
Well, we couldn't actually have 11 and 12 because the McLaren has said number. And one per constructor c_a_t, so Lotus had already gone!

Actually for #22 and #23 it has to be this year's Brawn!
May I nominate the Benetton from the 1995 season? Seeing as we can't have Schumacher at the wheel of a Ferrari we may as well have him at his first champion's elect team. It was also the only WCC Benetton won.

(I guess you'll just have to make them #9 and #10 as we are starting to run out of number options :D)
And one per constructor c_a_t, so Lotus had already gone!

Calm down dear!! That's why I nominated the Mclarens.


If I am alowed to have another nomination, could I suggest the very cool March 881's designed by Adrian Newey. Very nearly won a GP, Only normaly aspirated car to lead a race in 1988 and in that blue they looked the buisness. These were a new generation of F1 cars and the first to look slimmed down as apposed to the chunky turbo cars of the last 5 years or so. Ground breaking and good looking. A classic combination.

I have no idea what numbers they were though. LOL
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