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I'm not sure being skilful to play or having to be fit to do it automatically makes something interesting to watch. I'm sure that rock climbing is very skilful but it isn't very interesting to watch...
I never said that, just said I had lots of respect for the players as its one of the hardest sports to get to grips.

I know it's my hardest, and I can play, football, cricket, badminton, basketball, baseball, hockey, table tennis, volleyball etc. competitively, everyone I know seems to struggle with this sport and they like me are competitive in most/all of the above.
I love the snooker from Sheffield - all that clinking is very soporific. As is a good cricket 'round up'.
There was an interesting bit of commentary the other day in the snooker.

One of the commentators said that Neil Robertson had an advantage in that he is tall enough to not need the rest as often as the other players. This was immediately followed by Roberton playing his next three shots using the rest.
Today O'Sullivan is making a number of errors. i think that he may have got bored, 3 frames in 80 minutes.
Selby is playing the most boring snooker ever, no wonder Ronnie's getting bored.

I just turned it off.
You can't beat a good safety battle and if the best way to beat O'Sullivan is to grind him down that's the way to go. Could be a late night though...
I have learnt my lesson. Any more Selby matches that are on I do not watch. If you made a video of the final, cutting out all the shots and the time that O'Sullivan was taking over his shots I doubt if it would be any shorter than the whole match. He must have worn the carpet out.
Without a doubt the most boring snooker final ever has to be 2006 Graham Dott v Peter Ebdon.
I almost went into a coma before I could find the off button.
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