Poll The 2012 Monaco Grand Prix out of 11

The 2012 Monaco Grand Prix out of 11

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Gave it a plus 2 - if only 'cos it is a race and I had the sense to open a bottle of Chardonnay half way in.
Well not a lot to say. Would've scored lower but at least Mark won rather than Vettel.
Hardly saw any attempts at overtaking with most places gained through pit stops or cutting corners (literally).
Probably one of the most tedious races I've seen in a long while.
1 for me and that was because the start of the race was the most exciting part of the race with Grosjean spinning round and facing the wrong way.
I gave it a 2.I might have gone as high as 3 were it not for the rubbish coverage (and I had a Sky feed on the net as well as the Beeb).

At one extreme there are exciting all action races, and at the other extreme there are challenges. Monaco is at the challenge end of the spectrum. F1 is not just about the racing, it is also about the challenges that the constructors and drivers face in making their packages the best of the best. Todays race was intriguing and tense.

Unfortunately, in their efforts to make the race sound exciting, commentary teams failed to convey the issues that the drivers and engineers were working through. Only in the post race forum did they actually talk about what was going on in the cockpits and along pitwall. A bit.

I'm not surprised that so many folk find Monaco boring when so much of the story relies on either having sufficient knowledge about what is happening unseen on screen - whether that is one's own knowledge or the information provided by the commentary, data screens, trackers and all the other toys that can be accessed on the net. Apart from the timing screen, the Beeb's selection of screens (tracker, pit-lane, etc.) were of little use and a waste of space. I'd like to know from someone somewhat younger than I as to how helpful they were to anyone new or newer to the sport. At least I've been watching all kinds of motorsport for forty odd years along with an engineering and technical background. That at least enables me to enjoy Monaco quite a lot!
I gave it a zero because it was neither good nor bad. It reminded me of the bad old days or praying for rain to spice up the action. You really do need the hope of an overtake to make a good race and there is still no hope of that in Monaco even with these tyres. The fact that JB was unable to get past Heikki said it all for me.
What a pity the race wasn't run an hour later so that we would have at least been entertained by the addition of some heavy rain. Bahrain was far better which kind of says it all.
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