Strange sporting circumstances

Well I must say I am suitably gob smacked, but did you know that test cricket it the only game where you can be leading all the way and if it rains it is declared a draw? No wonder it never took off in America..
Well the match hasn't finished so you can't really declare a winner. Duckworth Lewis has gone some way to remedying that though.
Australian (no) rules football - I'm completely lost as to what constitutes a foul, but it seems to be very severely punished
On holiday in Ireland I asked someone to explain the scoring in Gaelic Football as you got points for kicking the ball over the bar and under the bar but they were scored separately, such as 5/15 plays 3/12. The man in the shop, who claimed to have been watching it all his life said "well, they tell you at the end who's won so then you know".

Cycle polo

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