Poll Should Grosjean now take a supporting role to Raikkonen?

Should Grosjean now support Raikkonen's championship hopes?

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If I were the team boss at Lotus I would shift the majority of support to Kimi's side of the garage. Grosjean may not be completely out of the championship yet, but he would need a pretty perfect 2nd half of the season and a lot of misfortune for the 7 drivers currently ahead of him in the table to make up his 88 point deficit and stand a chance of winning the championship, so statistically and realistically Raikkonen has a far better chance of winning the championship.

As a spectator though, I don't really want to see team orders or preferential treatment.
The situtation almost identical to the McLaren one. So I voted the same as in the other poll (yes).

Quite a big difference in poll results. :rolleyes:
I voted 'no' in both.

I am aware that the WCC is the most lucrative, but have always been a 'driver' fan. As such, I wouldn't want team orders instigated until each driver reaches the 'mathematical improbability'.
As I have posted elsewhere, two different teams, four different drivers, two different pairings.

Voting yes on one poll doesn't necessarily equate to voting yes on the other and vice versa.

This thread's only purpose was to try and prove a point - it is getting tiring.
I would be interested in why people give different answers. So far I've seen a few who said they made the same choice, but noen who explained why they made a different choice now.
Well, it turns out that Grosjean is a fantastic, if somewhat dramatic, number two driver. Barring any more surprises this will put Raikkonen right in the mix for the championship.

As I write this Hulkenberg has overtaken Kimi...
^ Agree. Plus with everything we have seen, I don't think anyone could reasonably expect Grosjean to have a shot at the world championship. Kimi clearly does.
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