Grand Prix 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

It's somewhat ironic that, in a year that will forever be associated with the tragic loss of life through Covid and so many other issues, F1 returns to a track that has now long been associated with tragic events in the sport.

It's even more depressing that we revisit a circuit that will forever be associated with a man still struggling to overcome his own health issues.

Michael Schumacher has written his name large over the Circuit Enzo Ferrari, Imola. Winning here 7 times. Setting his first pole for Ferrari in 1996 and standing on the top step, visibly shaken on that sad day in 1994.

Schumacher splits opinion in exactly the same way that his successor in the record books, Lewis Hamilton does. Think what you like of either men, between them they are responsible for 183 wins. If they were a constructor in their own right they would be second on the all time list. Ferrari are first with 238 wins and McLaren are second with 182.

For Mercedes this will be a new challenge but one at which they should easily add their name to the list of winning teams here. Its the kind of track at which their car should fly.

Historically Renault and Ferrari power are tied on 8 wins each. What odds of either engine adding to that total?

Finally, another strong weekend for Mercedes will see them wrap up the 2020 constructors title. This will make it 7 wins in a row (a record) and take them level in the record books with Team Lotus.


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Seven WCC titles for Mercedes .. in a row!

I believe that's an outright record?

Hamilton needs an average of 5 points in each of the last 4 races, a total of 20, to win the WDC.

If Bottas scores fewer than 8 points at any of the last 4 races, it's all over.

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Brogan - the title will be wrapped up in Turkey - Bottas just doesn’t have the talent to stay with Hamilton... this weekend, Bottas was lucky that Verstappen‘s tyre failed. - Mercedes had looked at changing Bottas’ tyres (when he’d dropped 4 seconds behind) - if that had happened, Verstappen would probably also have stopped, and ironically, that would have saved Verstappen’s race.


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its strange result because lewis did get lucky with the VSC, but that sports sometimes its works sometimes it doesnt in the same race, when he lost out in the following safety car & he made that luck by again being brilliant on his tyres. but the issues for me comes from bottas so he had ferrari piece wedged in his car id seen the picture thats true but on lap 2 now that didnt effect his car then as he was pulling away on it was up 2.5 secs at 1 point. but then he pits & it goes pear shaped bit like portimao, Bottas seems struggles hugely on the hardest compound because how was Lewis 25-30 lap old medium tyres 4 secs quicker in that 14 lap stint between bottas stop & VSC. than bottas on brand new hard tyres there has to be something else in play here. epsically how max could challenge him on the hards but not the mediums

gutted for max driving great, brilliant move on bottas. then more bad luck with a tyre blow out looked pretty scary incident when it takes you by surprise. if it wasnt for that dreadful luck which is from outside factors not him or his car. he would be leading bottas in the championship. George russell :facepalm:is that car allergic to the points. another race where he driving great in 10th on merit & then like mugello its all goes wrong . then reactions reminded me of hakkinen at monza. as russell was thoroughly :censored: off with himself

just another point i didnt get, although mute because terminal engine issue on Lap 9 but why gasly try to overtake Lewis at the start. surely your aim is to stay 4th, being ahead of lewis for a 1 lap isnt going to make to difference to your race. go to the inside block off daniel riccardio. instead of trying to make pointless position & come out 5th nearly 6th

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F1Brits_90 - as Ayrton Senna said “if you no longer go for a gap, you are no longer a racing driver”.

that being said, at Imola, it’s so hard to overtake that if Gasly had managed to get ahead, it would have been a very different race. Hamilton might have been forced into an alternative strategy.
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