Grand Prix 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Who will be Champion

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The only thing I can think would happen is the FIA declare Abu Dhabi a non-result and remove the points awarded from each driver. Verstappen still wins on count back. Then we get in to Michael Masi and the Spa debacle.

I'll just leave this for you all to ponder.
I knew those 5 pts would be crucial
So Toto isn’t keeping quiet either.
“He said that Mercedes believed they would have won their case on pure legal grounds but they did not think the FIA court of appeal would reach the right judgement.

"The FIA can't really mark their own homework," Wolff said. "There is a difference between being right and obtaining justice.”

'It still feels like a nightmare'
Paddy Power paid out for both Hamilton and Verstappen to win the GP and WDC.

Fair play to them.

We at Paddy Power hate sporting injustices – so we’ve done our bit after a controversial end to the F1 season in Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen needed a miracle to win, and one duly arrived in the form of a dodgy decision from the race organisers who appeared to rip up the rulebook and go rogue for the final lap of the race.

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