Grand Prix 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

It's somewhat ironic that, in a year that will forever be associated with the tragic loss of life through Covid and so many other issues, F1 returns to a track that has now long been associated with tragic events in the sport.

It's even more depressing that we revisit a circuit that will forever be associated with a man still struggling to overcome his own health issues.

Michael Schumacher has written his name large over the Circuit Enzo Ferrari, Imola. Winning here 7 times. Setting his first pole for Ferrari in 1996 and standing on the top step, visibly shaken on that sad day in 1994.

Schumacher splits opinion in exactly the same way that his successor in the record books, Lewis Hamilton does. Think what you like of either men, between them they are responsible for 183 wins. If they were a constructor in their own right they would be second on the all time list. Ferrari are first with 238 wins and McLaren are second with 182.

For Mercedes this will be a new challenge but one at which they should easily add their name to the list of winning teams here. Its the kind of track at which their car should fly.

Historically Renault and Ferrari power are tied on 8 wins each. What odds of either engine adding to that total?

Finally, another strong weekend for Mercedes will see them wrap up the 2020 constructors title. This will make it 7 wins in a row (a record) and take them level in the record books with Team Lotus.


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I could not believe with 3 laps to go ITV had to go to an ad when Schumacher was on Alonso's tail

It was a peculiar race because up to that point Ferrari and Schumacher were nowhere until then and they suddenly came alive in the race when the Bridgestones were like 2 seconds a lap quicker than the Michelin shod cars. He went from 12th to 2nd putting on an unbelievable stint and then passed Button before pitting going behind 2 seconds. He chased down Button and passed him again before meeting the fierce resistance of Alonso who said he cleverly saved his tyres to get maximum traction out of the corners to keep Schumacher behind

That was not the end of it as BAR were found to have a 2nd fuel tank in the car and not only got disqualified but one appeal had their ban increased to 3 races


I don't think that the end of ITV and F1 but I think they realised their crown jewel was Champions League football so were happy to get rid of F1


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don't think that the end of ITV and F1 but I think they realised their crown jewel was Champions League football so were happy to get rid of F1
i think it culminated in F1 looking elsewhere. but money was certainly a factor so a mutual parting of the ways

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imola does make you feel old a bit. they talk about only kimi has raced at imola. 9 of that grid likely havent seen a F1 at imola live. as they will have been under 10


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Imola was a real challenge with the old Tamburello and Villeneuve corner before the tragedies of 1994. The race is one of few circuits where you could pass before the changes


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I'd have been happier if you'd said both.

I'll wait until the race, but I have a feeling that the cars will be as big a problem as ever for close racing; irrespective of the track.


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good qualifying. russell impressive again dont how he nearly got it in Q3. Gasly fantastic 4th place but its the same old question why can gasly & albon do this brilliant results in sister team but not main team. good lap from bottas hes always been impressive with qualifying but the race is main question needs answering

for most tracks, the cars are mostly the issue if we had a bad racw. even ross brawn said as much hoping to cut dirty air from 50% to 5%


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Are we sure we have the right drivers in Aston Martin next season which is owned by Mercedes as well as Stroll senior. Russel outqualified both of them


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So how much did the absence of the Friday sessions mix up the grid today? I see the usual suspects are at the sharp end.

Can we expect an exciting race or will I get my usual 1.5 hours of quality sleep tomorrow afternoon?


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midfield i think will be very good, but the race i think will be portugal de ja vu, bottas will get ahead but hamilton will show his superiority & win


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only realised during qualfying that the schicane i though was newly built after the renovations, isnt. its the same 1 but things have been put back 300m with the new paddock & things moved alot further right, as the 1st red line is where we used to start & 2nd red line is sort where they will start tomorrow



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Pressure off for the Alfa drivers then!

Great for AlphaTauri, Imola is the nearest circuit to Faenza if I remember rightly. My guess is that overtaking will be possible along the main straight, but probably only if DRS assisted? In some ways I'd prefer it to be difficult - a queue of cars stuck behind Gasly would provide more intrigue, perhaps?
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