Poll Should Grosjean now take a supporting role to Raikkonen?

Should Grosjean now support Raikkonen's championship hopes?

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The points difference between the Lotus-Renault drivers (40 points) is almost identical to that of the McLaren duo (41 points). It has been questioned whether Button should take a supporting role to Hamilton for the rest of the season, so as Lotus-Renault are in a very similar position to McLaren, should Grosjean now take a supporting role to Raikkonen?

1. Fernando Alonso 164 points
4. Lewis Hamilton 117 points
5. Kimi Raikkonen 116 points
7. Jenson Button 76 points
8.Romain Grosjean 76 points
Well as I made my opinion clear on the other thread its no surprise I'm voting no on this one. I'm still a firm believer in a driver fighting until its not actually possible to win the title.

More specifically I actually believe that Grosjean has been the better of the 2 drivers this season on both qualifying and race pace and what has let him down has been his ability to get into early race incidents that have either bumped him down the field or out altogether. Its his first full season so I guess we can let old Romain off for them at the moment and hope he's learning. I would not be surprised to see the points gap between them much smaller than it is now at the end of the season.

Having said that Kimi is a wiley old dog and as we've seen on many seasons for him that come the back end of the year if he suddenly realises he's in contention for the title he suddenly hits form and would not be surprised to see him start picking up results which puts him in front of a lot of the big names.

However the most important thing for the Enstone boys is to actually chalk up that race win this year and they're going to limit their chances of that if they tell Grosjean to play follow the leader.
So TBY. Grosjean is leading, Perez is second and Kimi sits in 3rd in front of all his title rivals. Do Enstone order him to slow down and let Perez and Kimi through? They wouldn't get the victory but they would give Kimi a big points gain on his rivals. Yes or no?
I put no even though I am a massive Kimi fan but my logic remains the same as in the other thread of this type I will not change my view simply because I prefer one driver over the other that would just be a stupid way of looking at things...
I suppose a second question to this is if you believe that the team should focus on Raikkonen for the championship, what level of support should he get?
Relinquishing most of the engineers to one side of the garage during a GP weekend, focusing car developments on one driver's style, preferable strategies, allowing the lead driver through if the 'no 2' driver is ahead, or all of the above?
No. Not yet. As with the Mclaren duo, see how things pan out in the next couple of races. Alonso could have a couple of bummers. The red Bulls could trip over themselves, McLaren could have more of their 'drama's', kimi could get an injury, Grosjean could win a race.
I've put yes for both.

Although, as a previoius racer myself, I would find it hard to give up a win, (I wonder how Felipe must feel especially in mid-season), any other position I wouldn't mind if I'm out of the championship. You are in a team, if you are not fighting for the championship or for race victory, you might aswell, especially if you are fighting for 6th, 7th or 8th in the championship rather than the actual title.
No. Not at Lotus or McLaren or anywhere. But if they were in 1 and 2, they should consider it. If only because all of their opponents would.

With nine races left, which means 225 points, isn't that a bit risky? What if afterwards Grosjean goes on a winning streak and kimi scores a handful of dnfs? forty points is less than two race wins. Its a first and a third. in old money thats 14 points.

I understand your reasoning but at just over half way through the season? Would you be saying the same thing if they were first and second in the championship?
As with the LH/JB standing, I vote "no", for the same reasons I put forth then. I look forward to seeing how the people voted "yes", Button should support Hamilton, will vote in this instance.
I don't think so... I also don't think Lotus have much experience with team orders with two quick drivers in the car... they would probably find a way to duff it up...
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