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We are extremely pleased to announce that canis has very generously offered to provide dedicated hosting for the site, free of charge (to us, not him).

We are currently on a shared server which has started to show signs of strain due to us outgrowing it, so this couldn't be better timed.

The new server will be more powerful, faster and will allow us to install some additional features, most notably enhanced search and caching.

Normally the minimum cost for something like this would be many hundreds of pounds per annum, so we are very grateful to canis.

We also need to thank Mike who has offered to do all the server management: software installation, configuration, maintenance, etc.
Without which we wouldn't be able to move to an unmanaged server (and managed servers are much more expensive).

Thanks guys.

The move won't happen for another week or two so plenty of warning will be given as there will be some downtime as everything is moved across.

Fortunately there's a three week break after Bahrain so there shouldn't be too much disruption.

While the migration is in progress, the site will be unavailable - a notice will be displayed indicating as much.

Depending on how long it takes for the DNS to propagate, it could be up to 24 hours before you can access the new site. This will vary for each member, depending on their location, ISP, etc.

Please keep trying periodically and eventually you will be able to access the site on the new server.
When you can view the forums without the notice and are able to post, then you are on the new server.
The migration work has commenced.

Mike is in the process of configuring the server and tomorrow some DNS and email work will be carried out.

Hopefully the switch-over will take place on Friday.

We'll put an announcement up a few hours before as the site will need to be closed for the duration so we can move the database and files across.
Thanks gethin, we won't bear you in mind ;)

The DNS and email changes have been done and currently we're just doing some basic testing using a copy of the database.
So far everything seems to be working fine and we're still on target for migration on Friday.

Oh and it's quite a bit zippier (technical term meaning faster) :)
To be read in the style of an Attenborough or a David Bellamy:

And so the time arrives for the lesser spotted CTA to gather all it's little apexes around it and make ready for it's latest migration.

The deciding factors to the length of time it has spent here, or will at it's new home, is a mystery to CTA watchers everywhere.

The settled period may depend on environmental or economic issues or maybe it just decides 'pissed off here, let's move!'

We wish it well on its 'journey' and trust we will be able to locate it safely once its had a good propogate around - cheeky little blighter!
Well done and thank you to all involved, great piece of work!

I must add though, I think the productivity of businesses around the country will be greatly increased on Friday, maybe help to kick start the economy!!
Nice smooth move, didn't notice anything at all :D Thanks to Mike and Brogan for doing all the work on making the move happen, has been the least stressful setting up and move into production of a server I have ever had ;)
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