RIP Mr. Spock


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In one of those strange coincidences, I absolutely love Columbo and flicking through my box set last night, the episode I picked, and one I hadn't watched for ages, was the very episode staring Leonard Nimoy as a heart surgeon with murder in mind. The episode is called "A stich in crime" and Nimoy is absolutely brilliant as the baddy. RIP.


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Sad news.

I thought he had been quiet on twitter recently. I was having a beer with a friend the other night and she said he was in hospital.

Live long and prosper.


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I loved invasion of the body snatchers. Nimoy was great as William Bell in the series Fringe too and of course he was the voice of the Civilization game.

He was a man of great talent and will be missed.

One to beam up :(


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RIP Leonard, you weren't the greatest actor in the World but you had one of the greatest roles.


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