Renault R29


This cost me a tenner, but so L'Oreal.
Ultimately it doesn't matter what the car looks like. As long as it goes well it'll be judged on that alone.
But my my, what a hideous looking thing!!


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That is truly horrid. Do you think Flav chose the colour as it makes him look more normal?


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It's certainly not the prettiest car we've seen so far...

Hopefully some studio shots will be issued so we can see the details a bit better.


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[font==Comic Sans MS]I think the plan is that if 'Nando vomits on his uniform (after seeing a silver car go past him or something), there will be a camoflauge process! Again the only way Renault could be worsened is if Honda is bought by someone who thinks that this was a good idea:

Or maybe the Williams is so bad they won't tell the press...![/font]


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No wonder there are no proper studio shots, the photographer probably beat his own head to a bloody pulp with the largest lens he had after seeing that.

I bet it's f**kin fast after Renault have benefited from "unfreezing" their engine ;) either that or it will be a brick on wheels.....


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buxted-plump said:
so get your sunglasses out folks, i've got extra dark ones ROFL 8)
I won't need sunglasses.
It's that scary looking I'll be hiding behind the sofa
The colour scheme really doesn't bother me. I'm just glad that it will be identifiable at a glance on TV.

Not so sure about the fat nose. Other teams seem to have gone for thin and pointy. I hope that this doesn't mean that Renault have gone in the wrong direction,

I'm hoping for a close championship again like last year with various different cars winning. I'm suspecting that the gap between the front row and the next few will have opened up again. I hope that this is a car capable of putting Fernando in the mix.


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One has to say, the Renault yellow with the ING orange does give a certain something. It could be an acquired taste though.

At least its a recognizable outfit. So far the cars revealed seem to be pretty different in this field. I still wait for an orange car though. This yellow simply does not do anything for me.
Well I quite like the colour it's cheerful and sexy like the driver!! I very much hope it will be competetive, and after all, for me, that's all that matters.
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