Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix

How Did You Rate the Bahrain Grand Prix Out of Ten?

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Bahrain gave us another decent race under the lights I think, although not quite as dramatic as last year. Rosberg got his elbows out on a few occasions to get past the Ferraris only to be overtaken again by Vettel pitting a lap earlier at both pit stops. Raikkonen eventually came back through to finish 2nd on an alternative strategy, aided by a late brake issue for Rosberg. Renault and Honda continue to have plenty of difficulties...

So, how did you rate the Bahrain grand prix out of 10?
There's something about this circuit that really bores me (not helped by the FOM TV direction again this year) but it was a really good race again. 8 from me.
Hamilton text book drive despite the team costing him 6 seconds at the first stop. Nico made some great moves which will lift him despite his brake issue on the 2nd last lap costing him the place to Kimi. Interesting that Seb didn't have enough to pass the Williams of Bottas at the end.

Interesting to hear Lewis asking for BBW 4 at the end of the race. I guess it is part of his race win bonus. 4 race wins gets
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=BBW 1. A leading term used by many as Big Beautiful Woman.
Maybe this is what is causing the contract delays. Certainly explains the Nicole situation.

A 7 from me.
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Nine. Got a bit hairy at the end. Drivers were obviously pushing hard out there today, making quite a few mistakes along the way. Dramatics before the start including another Maldonado moment. Great to see Kimi back on the rostrum, an absolute pity that it included Rose Water or whatever.
Almost as bad as that Flavio photo (*awaits someone posting it*) GL.

That was intriguing. It looked as though it was going to be a good strategic battle and then seemed to fizzle out but Kimi was able to fly at the end and give us a grandstand finish. Too bad there wasn't another lap! I enjoyed that. 8
Brogan What Lewis needs to do is bin more chassis then they'll be cars to spare for him! But I'm not sure if he was actually joking being as he was in a very jokey mood with Seb when he said it!
I gave the race a 9 cus I thought it was brilliantly tense and was a fun race to watch!
Quite an enjoyable race. I was going for a 7 but the last 6 laps with the added interest of a charging Kimi, some potential Merc issues and the Seb v Valts battle, gave me the uncertainty I was after. so it scraped into the 8's for me.
A car number 7 rating of 7 for me. Kimi made it, plus Bottas defending brilliantly, the Mercedes reminding us of the Montreal spec, and Felipe battling with Felipe.
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