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2013 Spanish Grand Prix Out of Ten

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A lowly 5. Tyres, tyres, tyres, boring, boring, boring.

I don't think it's fair on the spectators. I would hate to fork out to go and see a Grand Prix only to see the cars trundling round in preservation mode for an hour and a half. I would be thoroughly disappointed.

These tyres are awful and are killing the essence of the sport and the competition.
Because there isn't a zero, I've voted 1
I fell asleep halfway through..it was the most boring (half)race I have ever seen...
Surely by now, the punters, that Bernie et al think they have brought into F!, will have grasped the fact ....that this isn't racing....it is undiluted crap/pretence...the 'King's Coat' scenario..no less.
Lewis Hamilton brought droves of F1 enthusiasts (myself included) back to watching the sport...after Schumacher processional boredom years..and also many new enthusiasts...who saw ...a black lad from a council estate...nearly turn the F1 circus upside down in 2007...
I hope before it is too late...that the powers that be...realise that 'Jo Public'...at the end of the day...pays the bills...so lets have VFM...please:thumbsup:
I enjoyed this race a lot, I really did. A very interesting tactical battle, a race that saw everyone finish (bar Button) just about where their performance seemed to merit, and no fish-in-barrel action.

I gave it a 3 simply because it was a very nice podium with 3 very good chaps standing on it. How they got there wasn't anywhere near as interesting and special as it should have been (for all the reasons others have eloquently mentioned elsewhere).

Edit: Incidentally, I too slept through around 20 minutes only to awaken on lap 64. Just watching the BBC rerun to see what I missed now. As I write coming up to lap 63 and so far I didn't miss anything!
Gave it a 5, but a 5 to me is average, but this race was below average, so 4.5.

I enjoyed the strategy part of the race, other than that, it was quite poor, if only it was like the GP2 feature race.
I gave it a 5. I can't say that was ever really bored but at the same time it never really had me that excited either. Alonso's pass on the outside of turn 3 at the start of the race was impressive. Having Vettel become Mr. Irrelevant by the middle of the race was also kind of nice as well. Say what you want everyone, I didn't get to experience the 70's or 80's racing, but I do remember Mr Schumacher seemingly winning every single race for half a decade. I'll take what we have now over that any day.
Judging this as an F1 race in the 2013 format rather than on how my favourite driver did I would say that whilst it didn't have me on the edge of my seat it did hold my attention so I gave it a slightly over average 6.
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