Poll Out of Ten - 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

2013 Spanish Grand Prix Out of Ten

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I think you were also confused after I posted earlier on here..my post 39 ...was with reference to Gethinceri voting a 10...but you posted ..........whilst I was typing, ..........result ....implying that the post was aimed at you.
It was in .......fun at G...
If you stopped following me..you would not have to continue sniping at my comments.
And relax - this whole forum has got a bit testy lately. A couple of threads have had to be locked because people can't behave themselves and start to make personal comments and have digs at one another. Please stop it, this is a sport and should be though of in that context. If you can't cope with someone else pleasure or pain at a particular result then just move past it. This is not 606 and the moderation team here will do all they can to prevent it deteriorating into the petty name calling and squabbling that infected that place and drove so many of us away.

So, in short, pack it in and grow up.

Sniping? I wasn't sniping. I genuianlly wanted to know the answer. If I misunderstood to what you were refering then I apologise but I don't think I was the only one who had that chain of thought.
In other news, it's about time someone voted for 8/10 so we can have a clean sweep. And then I get to be even more confused about what I missed to get excited about in that race.
Spain Results:

Mean: 4.7
Standard Deviation: 2.2
Median: 5
Mode: 7

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