Poll Out of Ten - 2013 Spanish Grand Prix

2013 Spanish Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Gone for 4 as it's finally a break from the norm for Barcelona with the top 2 qualifiers finishing out of sight and the winner coming behind the front row.
You're all complete buggers - this was certainly not worth a rewind.

This is how good Barcelona was from my perspective: Up until today I was juggling with the idea of trying to get tickets to Club Silverstone and camp up there. Now I'm trying to get motivated to bother with Monaco.

Racing is dead, long live passing for the camera!

Edit: I gave it 1, not just for the race, but for the determined destruction of F1 that led to that debacle
The racing was good, DRS not that easy, but overtakes on the other corners too. Strategy mixed it up, but about half way through the lead cars all became very spaced out and never got back together. 7/10 I think.
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