Poll Out of Ten - 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix out of ten

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A 7 from me.

Started off average, was only spiced up by the intra-team battles, then it fizzled out again.

Lacked midfield battles too, race probably missed a little of Alonso magic.
You know you have a dull race when the podium interviews are the best part. Looked like tyre conservation and team orders for all but two laps.
8 from me. Quite enjoyable. Seb still has a crazy streak which is good so long as no-one gets hurt. I do think maybe Mercedes should've let Nico go though despite being an avid Lewis supporter, if only to keep the Red Bulls pushing into a possible mistake.

Alonso's wing call - terrible decision!

Force Indias - terrible luck, they were looking pretty good.

McLaren - you're all but dead to me now I'm afraid. Try to prove me wrong please!
A nine. A great fight at the front like last week but there was also some very good midfield battles. The added drama was also brilliant. Would have got a 10 but it just fizzled out in the last 10 laps in terms of on-track excitement
An 8 from me.

I thought it was good to see the Mercedes and the Bulls going at it, and when that petered out, it was overtaken by the off track stuff! would have been more interesting if Alonso was still in it, but it was a good enjoyable race.
7. Was aright, some good bits. Despite whether Vettel was out of order or not I thought the driving between those two was excellent, how easy would it have been to have had contact. At times though it just felt like the race was going on and on and on.
I'm struggling with this. We saw a battle for the lead which is all too importantly missing these days yet this battle has led to a lot of controversy. I don't want to hear "save fuel" and 'stay behind your team mate and both Lewis and Seb apologising for finishing ahead. I want to see racing. I wanted to see Mercedes racing Red Bull but realistically due to stupid pirelli and stupid DRS we were still denied a proper battle. Thank goodness for Kimi and Hulk keeping it interesting!

It was a huge shame we were without Alonso for most of it. That should have been interesting.

I scored Australia as a Seven to give myself a base-line for the season:

Malaysia had less 'racing', less excitement and way less doubt about the outcome
It did have much more of 'kids squabbling in the playground' - well, one kid at least!
So, marked down on several counts.
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