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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix out of ten

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I voted 9 but I wanted to vote 6 (I'm not sure how that happened). I thought it was pretty boring and amateur hour at some points. I didn't like the team orders (I'm grateful to Vettel for being stupid and ignoring them) and I was hoping Rosberg would actually go past Hamilton at the last corner, but alas.
Absolute crap I don't like fiddled results and never will I wanted to give it zero but there isn't an option for that so it got a 1 from from me what a load of shite.......
If holding station to preserve your teams best ever result, after your drivers passed/re-passed on consecutive laps, is ever considered "fiddling with the result", then call me a Dutchman.

Easy 9 here. Loved the slick start with a dry race in sight. Once again SC free. Multi 21 Seb. Newey. Brawn.
Isn't it strange how we all appreciate different things about the races. To me this one was way better than the first, I was gripped throughout. However, maybe I've been a bit over generous with a score of 10. I've left myself nowhere to go when we get another race like the Texas one. I'll just have to add lots of pluses ++++ :D
It is a sad day when finishing second in a GP reduces a man to tears. :disappointed:
I have no idea what to give this race... remind me, what did I give Aus?... :thinking: 7...

OK I'll give this one an 8 but I'm warning you.... >:( Any more of this nonsense and I'm going home and taking my ball with me! :spank:
Seeing Alonso skating off the track on lap 2, Lewis going in the wrong pits, a little mixed up strategy due to the inters at the start, force india stacking in the pit lane, a degree of closeness at the front throughout, the webber/vettel battle, the red bull mgmt looking glum as they got a 1-2 and everything that followed after. Overall a very enjoyable race/podium/media circus.


Also for me, there are team orders and team orders. Teams holding station after the final round of pit stops seems to be very standard and has been for years (even when team orders were banned) and for me is a very sensible/reasonable compromise between individual racing / safe team results. I might have actually wet myself if the two RB's had taken each other out gifting a 1-2 to Mercedes. Although would Nico have held back then?
Probably a 6 for front of the race action... a 9 for lower points racing action... add in the RBR and Mercedes racing decisions... gets me to an average 7 ... but I have to add one more to make it an 8 ... LH "wanting to say hello to his old team?" ... NO ... he was hexing FUMBLES MCTAVISH on the front right... his hands were shaking the whole race after Lewis rolled through the pit box... poor old JB...:whistle:
7, had the potential to be a real classic at half distance but unfortunately the fuel saving at Mercedes cost that but the wheel to wheel action at Red Bull and the fall out after made it one of the better Malaysian race
Almost gave it an 8 for some good passes (incl Vettel on Webber) but I try to keep that back for close to classic races; which this wasn't.
Still better than Australia last week... for some reason (BBC / late night) I struggled to stay awake during that one.
Felt Jenson deserved so much more from what he managed up to when he retired.
Would have liked to see Bottas in the points too.
A bit late to the party. I put 7 and feel perhaps its a little generous. For most of Race it was a little underwhelming. Those last few races laps and the repercussions off track however bumped up the score. I think Its going to make the next few at least quite spicy
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