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2012 Malaysian Grand Prix out of ten

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You know the rules by now.... vote on the excitement and entertainment of the race, not whether your favourite driver did well/did badly.
10 out of 10! Fantastic race

Alonso, Perez, Senna were absolutely brilliant considering the car they had under them
Superb race, as the early races have tended to be in the last three seasons. I had no idea how it was going to play out until the very end.

Slightly disappointed that Perez missed out on having a proper battle with Alonso; I think that the radio message ultimately caused his mistake by breaking his focus and making him pay attention to something other than his relentless pursuit of the win.

Congratulations to Alonso on yet another result that the car didn't merit.
I would have given that a 10 if Perez hadn't been called off the fight for first. However, getting to drive a Ferrari in China could prove more valuable than a brief step up to the top of the podium. Now, what if Perez goes to Ferrari and starts beating Alonso?
As I have said in the Malaysian Gp weekend thread, it was boring for a wet race yet exciting.

The action died down a lot, Perez chasing down Alonso saved the race, but otherwise you knew the position for the top 6, Vettel dropped out which was a little bit of a surprise.

There was a delay aswell.

7? 8?

Hm... :thinking:

Wasn't the most exciting wet race i've ever watched but i've gone for an 8.
Better than the Aussie race, but found the Mid-field action more livier than what was going on up front.
However an interesting race and a few twists and turns along the way.
Gone for 8 - it's a gut feel, I hate the way rain disrupts the flow of a race, stops drivers competing with their peers on the grid, but it does throw the board in the air and really bring on the action.

On the whole I think I like wet races, as long as they remain the exception.

Given the 1, 2 this race gave us the championship has been thrown in doubt as to which way we're heading too. It makes me start to think Lewis is the most skilled unlucky person on the grid - I hope not, we've never had an unlucky WDC and I think that's where I'd like us to be going in to next year.
6 Didn't live up to the hype of the early laps. No great battles, just generally a bit of a mix up and a few of the more successful drivers being unlucky/making mistakes.
First 9 laps were good, saefty car was deployed too guickly (come on, Vergne managed the conditions on inters :rolleyes:). After the re-start too many laps behind SC. Perez's mistake was also an anti-climax to a good battle. Like said, the top 6 was very static for most of the race.

Six out of ten.
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