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2012 Italian Gran Pri out of ten

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6 from me - not that exciting really but a good result for Hammy.


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Had to go with 8, but would have preferred 7.5 - if it had been a true 8, I wouldn't have gone and made a sandwich half way through.


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I gave it a seven. Lots of overtaking throughout, nice drive at the front and an unexpected comeback charge from the might Mexican, gaining revenge for Malaysia. Tainted by another penalty I simply can't understand.

Unfortunately nobody will remember this race because ZZ TOP are releasing an album in the next couple of days.


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5 from me, apart from Perez at the end, there wasn't much in the way of exciting racing..


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Gave it an 8, primarily due to the great drive by Perez and the Alonso/Vettel duel early on. I also think the stewards screwed the pooch by giving Vettel a drive thru. I guess at Monza, you HAVE to let a Ferrari thru without offering any resistence.

Hamilton totally dominant. McLaren clearly the best car at the moment. It will be interesting to see how the other teams rise to the challenge.


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5 from me. Some interesting bits but mainly Ho Hum. Good win for Hamilton and would have loved to see Perez have a few more laps totry and get in the mix.


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Button out minus one..Vettel out minus one...glad to see all the media attention, mind games, crap at last race & loss of a much loved close family member did not affect LH drive from pole to VICTORY:1st: ....if anyone doubts his mindset...rock steady I'd say!
And Sergio's brilliant race was a joy.......:2nd: it is mind boggling to see the Ferrari/Alonso love...in Italy
Bloody brilliant qualifying for Felipe...but always on the cards that he would have to give his advantage to his team-mate...sad.
Kimi is just one point behind LH...but he escaped the carnage at Spa.
So it's an 8 for me...


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I'm with F1ang-o except another minus 1 point because I couldn't recognise a great overtake from a "candy from a baby" one. I still hate piecemeal, Race Control dictated DRS.

Perez - driver of the day, The Ham - driver of the weekend, Button - unlucky, Alonso - lucky but good stuff as usual, Massa - better, the rest ho-hum.
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