Next Season


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Well who is up for more of the same next season?

I officially can't wait for the new season to start.

Some interesting driver line-ups with a few surprises around the corner.

With rules staying stationary for next season who is your favourite for the title?

Plus will we get 8 race winners next year?

Plus 19 Grand Prix's to look forward to :).
I hope they can get a 20th race sorted out, I heard something about France. But I hope for more of the same next year - although they really have to do something to liven up Korea & India.
i want mclaren and ferrari to catch the bulls. i also wanna see Webber get better or get out, i wanna see what happens with Sergio, I wanna see what happens to Hulkenberg and Maldonado, the finished the season in really good shape and showing the potential for big teams. I wan to se what Hamilton does to Merc, because the have been awful!!! I hope Kobayashi gets the Lotus sit and shows what he is made of!! man theres is a lot to see next season!!!! cant wait, the only thing that makes the wait easier its to play de f1 in the xbox!! and i suck!!!! jajajaj
I want to know whether Pirelli's fancy new tyres will spoil the racing to any extent. From what I've heard, it doesn't sound good.

What I don't want to see is Bernie getting his way on delaying the introduction of turbo engines.
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