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There's a huge annoucement in the Playstation world tomorrow at 11pm. No official word about what the live stream is for but its probably the worst kept secret ever as everyone is expecting it to be the reveal of the PS4

The live stream will be here at 23:00 uk time:

More to follow on the capabilities once we have the official specs.

I'm sure the new XBOX won't be far behind but crucially for both sets of gamers is that the 2nd hand games market could be a thing of the past as both consoles are rumoured to have technology installed to prevent games being used on more than one console.

PC gaming is going to be the future as both consoles will have a similar capability to a current medium - high spec gaming PC.

No doubt I will be buying a PS4 but if I get one on release or a year down the line will all depend on what software is available at the time.
The whole thing about the second hand games market is going to end up being a storm in a tea cup. Both sides have patented different ways to stop second hand games working, Sony first did this back before the PS2. Neither side will implement it until the other side does, and they also know that Nintendo will be doing the same, because to do this unilaterally will be o admit defeat in the console market and raise the white flag.

This ploy is a return to the cold war, both sides have nukes, both sides have the ability and will to use them if necessary, neither side wants to fire the first shot just in case they loose ;)

As for the PS4, the specs are looking good right now (no, not the rumoured ones all over the net but those that are actually going into the machine according to the dev teams). The problem is that if they announce it today then the lead time for release will be massive. This is nothing to do with developing the console, but more due to the fact that no game studios appear to currently have any access to the dev tools that would be needed for a launch day title, and Sony are not going to launch without their attempt at the next Halo coming along side it. Unless Sony have managed to do the impossible and found themselves a games studio to develop on the new system where everyone actually believes in the consequences of the NDA.

MS are not too far off an announcement themselves by all accounts, the issue they have is trying to decide what to actually put in the machine itself. This is not the processor or graphics capability, or even the OS, but the extras. Is the next version of Kinect going to be there included, what storage media do they want to use, etc etc. Apparently (and obviously due to the patents that MS have registered over the past year or so) they have a lot of gaming tech available to them that no-one else will have for a number of years, but how they package the whole system is what is needing to be resolved right now before they push out the news to the world at large...
I think the gaming market are taking the piss.

With so many add ons it's becoming a joke, especially for games, where you have to pay around £10 or more for a little downloadable content, that's a third to a quarter at what the game cost, several games have more than one dowloadable content that isn't free.

I know that was off-topic, but it had to be said :D

Also, I find that crap that you won't be able to borrow a game from a friend, or give it after playing it, it takes away an element.

Any ideas on the new consoles though? Is the new Wii any good? Doesn't seem to be a hit, I used to be very up-to-date with technology, especially the gaming side, but I've not paid any attention to the new generation, I didn't even know the new Wii was coming out this year and what was in it!
No doubt I will be buying a PS4 but if I get one on release or a year down the line will all depend on what software is available at the time.
I would expect the release price to be very high and get cut within a year. That is when I will buy it.. if it has any decent games coming out for it.
Release price is rumoured to be around £300. Fairly reasonable compared to previous launch prices.

As for add on packs with battlefield 3 I've spent double on online passes and dlc than I did for the game.
I don't want to pick holes in their new baby and call it ugly, but despite this being a complete non-event (due to not actually having anything resembling a console ready) the specs that they have given are very worrying, especially the processor architecture. This could be the death of Sony in the gaming market if they are not careful, you can bet that MS will not be using outdated tech for their next console....
I think the Xbox is the way to go.

Their first attempt was solid, not great but solid, their second attempt was great, Sony seem to be behind these days, and Nintendo have just taken themselves out of the equation since the Gamecube, the Wii of course was a major hit, but going down that road again isn't going to help.
I think both consoles will be evolutionary not revolutionary. The technology we're going to see from both is nothing new and isn't exactly going to set the world on fire.

There was no word on compatibility with the new Sony 4K TV's which could add an extra dimension to gaming but do we really need bigger and shinier?

As for the actual console itself does anyone actually care what it looks like? It will be black and have a drive slot at the front and cables at the back and will fit under a TV like all the previous versions have done.

The Playstation fans will stay with the PS4 and the XBOX fans will stay with their brand I just can't see a clear winner between both consoles.
Just got an email from saying I can pre-order the ps4 now at a reduced price of £399.50! RRP seems to be £449.99! Ouch!
I read somewhere that the new Xbox is rumoured to be less powerful than the PS4. Specs on paper don't always translate in to real world performance, however, And if having the best graphics around is your priority then neither of them will come close to a PC, especially after a year or two.
My new PC is at a similar spec to the PS4 and I do have upgradeability on my side.

The advantage of the new PS4 architecture is that it will be easier for developers to create software for it.

Most major game releases are multi-format now and hopefully they won't have the same issues that happened with skyrim. If all 3 major gaming systems are PC processor based then compatibility issues should be reduced.
But why use x86 architecture? It is fast becoming obsolete for PCs and Laptops, so why put it into the latest and greatest gaming machine? It will still mean that to release a game on PC and console it will require a port or an emulation level hindering either the PC (downgrading the performance due to having to emulate between architecture levels) or the the console (taking code optimised for later architecture which won't work as well on this).
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