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I GIVE UP !!!!

Would the pair of you just avoid each others posts if you can't maintain a civil conversation.

I set up this thread for the purpose of letting people who want to discuss Formula E topics that are outside the scope of a race day thread.

If you are not happy with something I suggest you turn the other cheek and just stay away from each other. I'm bloody well tired of refereeing a bickering match between two fully grown adults.

The calendar is a mess. I appreciate there was a time when the F1 title race built up to a boil in September and was then decided in South Africa on New Year's Eve, so we must consider it as a young series.

I think, nonetheless, there is a massive missed opportunity to get some good Southern sun races in the F1 off-season, where Ecclestone can't screw them over. I think there's a range of possible venues - Rio? Australia/NZ? Punta del Este again? It'd be the right time to get a metric tonne of visibility.

In fact, with FE having Di Grassi and Piquet and F1 having maybe Nasr, FE should be in Brazil!

They do seem to have a compact run home though; that should be good!
Running a few races in the Southern hemisphere but in regions relatively close to European time zones would be great.

As it stands, any momentum built up from the first two races is now lost.
Sim events are growing hugely in popularity. I seem to remember reading about it recently. There is a growing audience for it.
Especially with VR / 3D headsets getting better and better, for sim-drivers and fans alike. A fan-base is more likely to be appreciative of a 'driver' if they can experience the thrills and skills of the race alongside the competitor. It's a hugely viable business, potentially massive. But sport it is not.
It's the Vegas e-Prix this weekend. I won't start a thread but does anyone know why C5 aren't showing it. I thought they had the rights to show the race live.
Cock! No it's not, it's a Sim race at the CES show in Las Vegas. I wish the Formula E Facebook page would make it easier for a moron to know the difference between a real race and a sim race.
Just about to post about this. The Vegas Formula E Sim Race kicks off at 2300 hours UK time and can be streamed live on the Formula E website. Usual commentators.

There is a 1 Million Dollar prize and it was one if the gamers who topped free practice not one of the drivers.

All 20 drivers are competing and 10 gamers who went through a whole heap of qualifying.
Felix Rosenquist was only real driver who got in the mix wasn't he? Think the Pro guys either underestimated how good the sim racers were or just didn't really care.

Buemi yawned and Piquet said he'd done no practice because he was on holiday! Shame they didn't take it serious.
Given all the pro-drivers were made to start at the back I think they did quite well to get as many into the top 10 as they did.
They qualified at the back! Got crapped on by the sim racers in quali and had to start taking it seriously.

Plus 4 of the 10 simmers took themselves out in a huge crash!
So the headline of this article is that Brazil is getting an E-Prix, however the important bit is further down. It appears they will finally be addressing the calendar with massive holes in it (this year especially) by not starting season 4 until the first week in December.

Brazil could join Formula E calendar for season four

It will make for a longer off season but will mean that the season doesn't lose so much energy like this one has done.
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