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Stand out games I am looking forward to are 'No man's Sky' so refreshing to have something other than a run and gun. It might not be Elite, but it should fill that gap until that happens. The stand out run and guns to me look like 'rainbow six seige' and even better 'tom clancy the division' which looks like it has 'the last of us' level of attention to detail for the levels, very impressive.

I think the below video has it spot on however when it comes to the 1st and 2nd most anticipated games 'Starwars battlefront' (WANT) just check out the 'next level' effort put into this game, it should knock every other starwars game into the dirt. But for me the sure bet for best game play, best story, and most polished game is the next instalment of the Uncharted series 'Uncharted 4 Thiefs end' already pre-ordered. nuff said.

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I'm eagerly awaiting the new Mortal Kombat and I don't know why.

Games on the new generation consoles aren't many, anyone got good recommendations for the Xbox One?
Project Cars, Splatoon and Star Fox are top of my list. I've been playing Unchartered on my Vita and Unchartered 2 on my PS3 recently, can't gel with either title!
Wanna say Project Cars, but after playing Iracing I do feel that, that one is the best i've played/raced. Let's wait and see....

Mortal Kombat X
The Witcher 3
The Walking Dead season 3
The Wolf Among Us season 2
Star Wars Battlefront

Think Uncharted is delayed to 2016. Never played the game, but heard it is really good.
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