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For some reason I'm a big Sir Jackie Stewart fan, so here is a quiz for you guys...

1. Which handicap does Jackie Stewart suffer from, that caused a lot of trouble for him at school?

2. At which sport did Stewart win the British, Welsh and Scottish championships?
Skeet shooting

3. In 1964 he impressed Ken Tyrrell by beating whose times in a Formula 3 car immediately?
Bruce McLaren

4. How many races in F1 did it take him to score his first podium finish, and where did it happen? (1/2 point each)
An impressive 2, and it happened at Monaco

5. Jackie suffered a massive crash (including poor marshalling) that led to him taking on the issue of safety in F1. Where did this accident happen, and when? (1/2 point each)
Spa, 1966

6. Stewart would have almost won the 1966 Indy 500. He suffered a mechanical failure with 8 laps to go. Who won the race?
Graham Hill

7. In 1997 he entered the sport with his own team. It did only manage one single points finish in its first season. Who scored it? Where? What position? (1/3 point each)
Barrichello, Monaco, 2nd

8. After the 1998 Canadian Grand Prix Stewart brought in Jos Verstappen. Who did he replace?
Jan Magnussen

9. Rubens Barrichello was disqualified at the 1999 Spanish Grand Prix driving for Stewart's team. Why?
Illegal undertray mounting

10. Alright, what's his wifes name?
Three and a half, and a third. I'm shit at maths.

That's my best quiz score ever, i think.

Is it three and five sixths?
6½ for me. Forcing myself to read his autobiography obviously paid off! (Seriously, if you feel tempted, enjoy the first half, but stop there otherwise you'll drown under reams of dropped names and Rolex and Ford advertising.)
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